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Reviews for September 1, 1970

Neko Mata 2010.12.04 - 12:37PM 1: September 1, 1970 Signed
Its such a shame, really! Poor Severus! It really made me sad how he hoped to get away from it all and how it finally turned out. Lovely piece you wrote!

Author's Response: Can't help but wonder how his life had been if he hadn't met Potter and Black on the train. Who knows, he might just have had a good life.

Agnus Castus 2010.08.19 - 02:02PM 1: September 1, 1970 Signed
Lovely piece, Ms Dulac. I felt so sad for little Severus, and his wistful longing for Lily. If only Hogwarts had lived up to all of his expectations.

Author's Response: Thank you, dearest. It's not hard feeling sorry for little Severus, knowing how his hopes were all shattered. And who knows what would have happened it his hopes had been fulfilled instead.

notwolf 2010.08.15 - 12:36PM 1: September 1, 1970 Signed
How very sad! Even before Hogwarts he was tormented; he thought to be free of it there, only to find it repeated and worse. Poor kid.

Author's Response: Poor kid, indeed. It's sad to see kids come to a new school, with high hopes, just to have them shattered. :(

Rose of the West 2010.08.14 - 07:41AM 1: September 1, 1970 Signed
Poor little guy! Such hopes...

Author's Response: All shattered. Poor boy, indeed.

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