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Reviews for Snape’s Start of Term Speech

duj 2016.12.20 - 09:54PM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
Great work. So Snapey. (I assume we're seeing him give this speechat least seven years before Harry's day. By the time Harry was a firstie, it was Minerva who was sick of seeing the House Cup in Slytherin's hands...)

Author's Response: I remember the first time I heard dear Alan Rickman give this speech. I melted like butter. Still do. :-)

notwolf 2010.09.21 - 11:33AM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
OMG, that was hilarious! Being a teacher myself, I can soooo sympathize with Snape, and you captured his essence perfectly. You had me laughing out loud in a couple spots. (Die, die, die, DIE) LOL

Author's Response: I'm a teacher, too. I sympathise :-)

Overhill 2010.09.20 - 10:26PM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
I enjoyed this very much. Looking back on the whole thing, it seems that being a teacher never was on his to-do list, and yet there he was, and he had to do a decent job of it or Slughorn, the other teachers or some parents; the school examiners, School Gov. Lucius Malfoy or some other school governor would catch on. Almost like living in a fishbowl. And then you had the future employers who would complain if the new workers were unprepared....

Author's Response: It's hard to be a teacher when you're passionate about your subject. You want the students to be as interested as you are and work as hard as you do. And I think Snape would have even higher standards than "normal" people. I am seriously surprised that he never poisoned someone in class. Thanks for reading and leaving a note. /M

Tricorvus 2010.09.17 - 02:50AM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
Credit 4 making it interesting goes 2 u!

Author's Response: Cheers! :-)

Severus49 2010.08.27 - 09:07AM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
"Just a tiny little bit" LMAO! Snape, you never do anything half-arsed!

Author's Response: Glad this little piece of silliness made you laugh :-)

a1severuslives 2010.08.14 - 07:49PM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
Soo Snape! Loved it of course. I do apologise for high school dunderhead behaviour!! ( I went on to a Distinction in Applied Science and first class honours in Animal Science after being indifferent for much of senior school). My best friend from high school is a primary teacher, my brother in law is a physics/chemistry teacher so I hear a lot from their POV. Parents have a great role to play with teenagers still and I think many parents don't support/drive their kids enough or back up the school. My two eldest are primary school and are told to respect the teachers and other adults at the school, many are not. Of course I worry about keeping them on track through high school already.

Author's Response: I wish some parents would take on a bigger responsibility for their teenagers. I called in a set of parents last January so we could figure out how to make their son pass his courses. They looked at me, all surprised: "What? Is he taking those courses?" And I had sent home his grades in December. Sigh. Oh, well. And it must be even worse for Snape, seeing how much Potions means to him.

Budgie 2010.08.14 - 10:50AM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Snarky, disdainful and completely Snape.

Author's Response: How I love writing snark. Glad you liked it.

Herbologist 2010.08.13 - 05:26PM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
Ha, ha, ha! Yes that is so like him! A great little piece.

Author's Response: Thanks. I had a blast writing it.

Rose of the West 2010.08.13 - 03:30PM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
Some of those things are just as I picture them while others are thought provoking.

Author's Response: Thought provoking? Do tell.

hexgirl 2010.08.13 - 02:58PM 1: Snape’s Start of Term Speech Signed
LOL! I can imagine those very thoughts going through Snape's mind as he articulated the more eloquent version. Ms Dulac you really DO get Hufflepuffs! Snigger!

Author's Response: Now I get Hufflepuffs as well? My, do I have many personalities ;-)

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