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Reviews for So Shall Ye Reap

AmyLouise 2010.09.13 - 10:30PM 1: Chapter One Signed
Good start - plenty of intrigue from the word go. I should drop by Occulmency more often.

Author's Response: So sorry I never replied to this; life caught up with me the way life does at times. Thanks so much belatedly.

nagandsev 2010.09.11 - 04:36AM 4: Chapter Four Signed
I like Neville being involved, as a professional equal, in Severus' life; also the development of Sirius and Sev. Really love the revelation and scene with Remus and Lucius, as well as the jibing at Narcissa and her busy school days;D

Author's Response: Sorry I haven't replied to this sooner. Life caught up with me, just when I thought I was hidden away. Thanks so much anyway.

johnbly341 2010.09.04 - 02:28AM 8: Chapter Eight Signed
Another great story, Scaranda. I confess that I had never imagined the pairing of Snape and Sirius before I started reading your stories, but now I can't imagine him any other way. Very enjoyable, as always.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for that. It was a 'hang-up' I never quite got rid of, quite a few years ago when POA first came out, so much so that I was almost astounded that JKR didn't confirm it! Thanks for reading. Scaranda

nagandsev 2010.09.02 - 06:34AM 3: Chapter Three Signed
Nice chapter- especially the ending, it's interesting to see another side of Sirius, somber and intimate. Something about Neville's description reminds me of a Caravaggio image.

Author's Response: I'm wondering just which Caravaggio image you're talking about; surely not the one with the donkey? Hope you enjoy the rest. Thanks again. Scaranda

nagandsev 2010.08.29 - 09:26AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Draco and cronies really are nasty pieces of work, and unfortunately really good at what they do; looking forward to finding out how he knows Severus is his actual father, and Sev's reaction; interesting and nice chemistry between all of the Order members - especially Sirius & Sev ;D

Author's Response: He's a real sweetie in this one, isn't he? I don't usually do a nasty Draco, but I fancied it for a little change. Thanks for your support. Scaranda

nagandsev 2010.08.29 - 08:26AM 1: Chapter One Signed
Draco's such a nasty piece of work ;) - can't wait to see why he wants to (seemingly) frame Severus (jealousy, revenge or maybe there's some grain of truth about dear old daddy?). Reading on...

Author's Response: He's a bad, bad boy that Draco. Thanks for dropping by. Scaranda

Stella Stargazer 2010.08.23 - 09:54AM 6: Chapter Six Signed
Twists and turns aplenty.....what a devious lot this is. I like your take on Neville. So often he is portrayed as just hopeless or helpless, or as having become some kind of buff superhero. This clever, unafraid Neville is very appealing.

Author's Response: Thanks, Stella. I prefer to believe Neville turned out well, and matured nicely. That said, I can't see him cast as a swashbuckling hero. Glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for stopping by. Scaranda

johnbly341 2010.08.22 - 02:19AM 5: Chapter Five Signed
I haven't had a chance to read in a while, Scaranda, but I always love your stories, and this one is no exception. Your deft handling of the characters is just exceptional. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for that, johnbly. I hope you enjoy the rest. Scaranda

Stella Stargazer 2010.08.03 - 08:27AM 1: Chapter One Signed
This is an intriguing start, Scaranda. Can't wait to see where you're taking us.

Author's Response: Hi,Stella. Thanks for that. I hope you enjoy the rest. Scaranda

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