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Reviews for A Slytherin Stag Night

tangerine dream 2011.01.11 - 04:41PM 1: A Slytherin Stag Night Signed
Well done! I like how Severus comes to her rescue in a very understated way.

Author's Response: Thank you! It could have the potential to continue I guess, but my muse is a bit lazy :)

hexgirl 2010.08.07 - 05:36AM 1: A Slytherin Stag Night Signed
Grrr! - The best of US - it should read - why can't we edit on these reviews??

Author's Response: Because it then forces you to write another, which makes my writing look popular ;)

hexgirl 2010.08.07 - 05:35AM 1: A Slytherin Stag Night Signed
Aww! I can't resist chivalrous Snape, it's appealing because it is so incongruous with the facade he is obliged to show the world. Well done for finding something innocent and charming out of a prompt that would have sent the best of down an entirely different route ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks, Hexgirl! Glad you enjoyed it. And who knows, there might be a sequel...

Phoenix 13 2010.08.02 - 04:40AM 1: A Slytherin Stag Night Signed
Great short story - and its succint delivery really works. Please do some more like this :-)

Author's Response: Thank you, thrilled you liked it :)

Eleni 2010.07.28 - 03:03PM 1: A Slytherin Stag Night Signed
this was so sweet, an sequel would be a good thing and the pairing Severus/Sinistra an interesting one

Author's Response: Thank you Eleni! You know, I think it probably could continue... I need to discipline my muse to finish my current story before she starts gallavanting off on a new one, but you never know. I have been thinking a lot about what happens next. Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

jeneacapp 2010.07.25 - 08:48AM 1: A Slytherin Stag Night Signed
how sweet of Severus... he is such a genterman. That is way we all love him so! Excellent story!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. I have to say the thought of "gentleman Snape" is indeed very alluring! So pleased you liked this :)

morgaine_dulac 2010.07.25 - 06:18AM 1: A Slytherin Stag Night Signed
What do you mean, there are more paragraphs after Lucius starts lapping the, um, cake? hehe Seriously now, I very much like what you've done with the prompts. You could just have gone for the obvious, but you didn't. Bravo! Getting Snape the Protector in action is always nice. How about a sequel?

Author's Response: Thank you, sis. A Sequel? Well, I like the idea of Aurora and Severus as a couple. We'll see what my lazy muse thinks :)

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