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Reviews for I, Too, Shall Follow

crazymarie111 2014.06.17 - 01:54PM 60: Labor of Love Signed
Whew! Now I have to go finish this, and read everything else you've ever written. Where else have you posted?

Anahita 2014.02.18 - 12:26PM 18: One of Them Signed
I love this chapter! I laughed so hard when he thought they had frozen donkeys in the store. Also, I'd love to see him later playing it up and bragging to Narcissa.

Rose of the West 2011.01.05 - 01:05PM 46: Creatures Great and Small Signed
Aw, poor Severus having to suffer so much because he wants to spend time with his daughter yet that means he has to suffer Jack's gibes and his own continuing attraction to Glenna. Well, we all suffer for the sake of our kids. He might as well learn that early.

Author's Response: He is learning early how much suffering he can endure in life. At least he never gave up on seeing his daughter. :P

Rose of the West 2011.01.05 - 12:55PM 45: Fuzzy Fiends Signed
I imagine by now someone has pointed out to you that Cygnus and Walburga were brother and sister; Orion was their second cousin. I don't think it matters much either way. You have a way of making things go well in one section of a chapter and then pulling the rug out in the next section that's very effective. One almost feels sorry for Bellatrix here, but not quite.

Author's Response: I thought Cygnus and Orion were brothers and first cousins to Walburga...hmm, I thought it was on the Black family tree, but I could very well be remembering wrong. But yeah, they're all interbred regardless. I agree, you can ALMOST feel sorry for Bella...not quite.

Rose of the West 2011.01.05 - 12:40PM 44: Tantrum Time Signed
Poor Severus, trying to jump at every possible thing. He will learn to think things through and bide his time, but for now he's still an emotional child.

Author's Response: I wanted to make Severus more immature, as he would have been at that age. But we know he does grow out of it. :P

morgaine_dulac 2011.01.04 - 03:12AM 15: Causa Meschever Signed
There is a jinx on your story, I swear! Just settled down with tea and sandwiches and intended to read for a solid hour when the phone rang. (Insert various swearing here.) Loved the chapter, though. You had me on the edge of my seat!

Author's Response: I am wondering if you're right. So few ppl review, maybe the Occlumency fairy is after them, lol. Glad you liked it.

Very Small Prophet 2010.12.16 - 02:21PM 55: Memorial Signed
A bit kinked, but not necessarily twisted. Consensual spanking (and you seem to imply Bellatrix likes it) that only reddens the bum is not in the same category as torture. Itís silly and childish, but if two adults want to get their rocks off being silly and childish thatís fine by me. We all enjoy silliness on occasion (not necessarily in that form), but it isnít something to strike terror into the hearts of all wizardkind. In fact, I think it should go into the Evil Overlord Rules: If you spank your minions, keep it secret. If your enemies find out they will never shudder at your name again. Theyíll be too busy laughing.

Author's Response: LOL--I had forgotten all about those Evil Overlord Rules! I was reading them, and something came up, and I never went back. Certainly Voldy isn't going to let his minions know what he does with Bellatrix, though they most probably have all sorts of gross images..then again, some of them might find it titillating. I guess I liken Voldy to a huge, vicious bully--if he wears a pink shirt, are you really gonna tease him about it? :P

Very Small Prophet 2010.12.15 - 12:39AM 55: Memorial Signed
Voldemort gets his kicks by spanking Bellatrix? That kind of trivializes both of them, doesnít it? I find it hard to feel threatened by a Dark Lord who enjoys spanking. Itís such a silly practice.

Author's Response: Does it? Or does it show his twisted mind? He gets his kicks from torturing ppl, too.

celle28 2010.12.10 - 06:44AM 55: Memorial Signed
And am still here waiting... :) Looking forward to the next chapter! please don't keep the suspense too long.. :P

Author's Response: Ah, funny you should say that. Yesterday I finally got time to put up a chapter, but it has to be approved, then posted. It shouldn't be long!

morgaine_dulac 2010.12.08 - 02:39AM 14: Glenna and the Prewetts Signed
Can't even pick a favourite part in this chapter. Brilliant all over!

Author's Response: Why, thank you! Next one is pretty good, too, if I do say so myself..which I just did. :P

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