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Reviews for The First Time

dracoseverusmmm 2014.01.28 - 01:37AM 1: The First Time Signed
Awww! After reading your one just before, this really was full of lovely fluffiness. I liked it! :-)

Author's Response: so glad i could give you some sweet, fluffy goodness to take away the pain of the other story. i do prefer a happy ending, but happy endings are hard to find with snily. :)

star_girl 2010.06.29 - 03:12PM 1: The First Time Signed
Oh, that was so very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: thanks, star_girl. glad you liked it. :D

hexgirl 2010.06.25 - 10:15AM 1: The First Time Signed
What a lovely little snapshot. It felt so real, I could almost imagine it was one of his memories in The Princes Tale.

Author's Response: ah, thank you so much! that is the best review i could ever hope to receive. :D

Rose of the West 2010.06.23 - 02:55PM 1: The First Time Signed
Oh, that's sweet. Little things like that mean so much.

Author's Response: thank you. i enjoyed giving severus this happy moment in his youth.

morgaine_dulac 2010.06.23 - 08:52AM 1: The First Time Signed
That was so very sweet. Thanks for giving young Severus such an innocent and happy moment.

Author's Response: thank you for this lovely review. i really enjoyed giving severus such a happy moment. :D

Moira of the Mountain 2010.06.23 - 08:48AM 1: The First Time Signed
A lovely and gentle vignette of innocence. Foolish girl - how did her sight become so clouded later on...

Author's Response: so glad you liked this. thanks so much for the review. personally, i take the sometimes unpopular position that snape bears some of the responsibility for what later happened between the two of them.

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