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Reviews for Only for You

Kingpig 2013.06.26 - 11:58PM 1: Only for You Signed
Arrgh, I need MOAR!

Author's Response: sorry, that's all there is of this one, anyway, lol. though i have plenty of other snupins - they are all archived at eros & sappho, or at the petulant poetess. thanks for reviewing - i had to go look at the story to see which one it was, lol, which shows how long it's been since i heard a peep about it! *hugs*

AvrilFanXoxo 2011.02.13 - 05:21PM 1: Only for You Signed
Yup snupin all the way!

Author's Response: exactly. :D i am a big fan (and purveyor) of snupin. (most of my snupins are archived over at the eros & sappho archive here at sycophant hex.) thanks for reading and commenting.

tangerine dream 2010.10.23 - 10:47AM 1: Only for You Signed
A threesome!! THe possibilities are endless!!

Author's Response: indeed. ;D thanks for stopping by and reviewing.

hexgirl 2010.06.25 - 10:20AM 1: Only for You Signed
Love the twist! I wasn't expecting that ending - Poor Lupin, but who can blame him? Looks like Lily is surplus to requirement.

Author's Response: hee. glad you liked it. i think the three of them will have some fun, but in my world, it's snupin all the way. :D

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