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Reviews for Meditation with Flies

ldnottingham 2009.10.20 - 09:26AM 1: Meditation with Flies Signed
I loved it! In spite of all his problems,anxieties,isolation etc he's still a typical teenager...and at least he *did* get a grope... Unfortunately I'm trying hard not to see him as cute... Did you like the young guy who played young Severus in OotP?

Lady Whitehart 2006.06.27 - 02:33PM 1: Meditation with Flies Signed
It's amazing what can be whipped up in 30 minutes. :^) This is a very moving piece. I really feel a lot of sympathy toward young Severus. Poor kid.

Ajna 2006.03.09 - 11:09AM 1: Meditation with Flies Signed
Awwwww. Very believable indeed. Reminds me a bit of my own hellish school days.

duj 2005.11.05 - 06:05PM 1: Meditation with Flies Signed
Neat work. I wonder how many times in his teen years he sat alone and meditated with flies. BTW, he wondered how they could go 15 years without noticing his bruises but, of course, it hasn't been 15 years; he only started Hogwarts at 11.

Author's Response: Why, thank you! I only just saw your review today. I too wonder how many times he sat alone. As for the bruises, I think he may have been receiving bruises long before he got to Hogwarts...

Deeble 2004.08.08 - 08:26PM 1: Meditation with Flies Anonymous
Excellent use of canon here -- and it sure does sound like a young Snape. Bitter and bright, a bad combination. Great fic.

Author's Response: Thanks!

smoke 2004.04.15 - 02:03PM 1: Meditation with Flies Anonymous
Well, I know 2 things. You can type and think a lot faster than I can. Great piece!

Author's Response: Oh, heeeee. Thanks. As a matter of fact, I can type up to 90 words per minute! It's the thinking part that doesn't always go that fast... ;-)

Zee 2004.04.07 - 07:18PM 1: Meditation with Flies Anonymous
I love this little outtake inside Teen-Snape's head... Most excellent!

Author's Response: Thanks. I really enjoyed doing those 30minute fics. Ought to do more of 'em.

Deba12 2004.04.07 - 08:58AM 1: Meditation with Flies Anonymous
Very good. I am actually finding myself feeling sorry for Snape and admiring him for his strength.

Author's Response: Great. That's what was intended, and certainly what emotions get generated in me when I think of him as a youth.

Tuulikki 2004.04.07 - 05:11AM 1: Meditation with Flies Anonymous
ooo, nice one!

Author's Response: Thanks! :-)

Synchestra Duende (aka Madelynx) 2004.04.07 - 02:31AM 1: Meditation with Flies Anonymous
Interesting little take. Course, Florence had the right idea about our man Severus. Would love to see you do a PWP on what exactly happened in the bushes. It's eh em.. just NOT clear enough for me. Need you to elaborate. ;)

Author's Response: Heh, heh. Eeeeevil, you are! Well, maybe we can make that a TPMM fic challenge. What do you think?

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