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Reviews for The Charon

countesszero 2010.10.08 - 09:21AM 2: Two Signed
a lovely story, like a painting.

madbrad 2010.09.25 - 03:40AM 2: Two Signed
> Sometimes I even felt sorry for him. Only sometimes, though. Hee!! :-) > He remained undefeated. I couldn’t recall why that had once been important. Heh. Difficult to believe, that Harry would never be defeated, not even ONCE, not even as a novice auror, but yeah, we have to accept that according to Rowling's crazy rules.

madbrad 2010.09.25 - 03:37AM 1: One Signed
What a great idea, that the mantle of 'Charon' should pass on to Snape! Very clever. And so sad, too, that Ted Tonks's personal mission to weight for his daughter was achieved so quickly. :-(

star_girl 2010.06.02 - 11:37AM 2: Two Signed
Such an unusual story. I am glad he finally found peace enough to forgive all those who had wronged him, and returned home. Thank you for giving him peace.

star_girl 2010.05.21 - 02:38PM 1: One Signed
I really think this is too good to be left as just a drabble. I am left wanting to know what happens. Would you consider extending it? It's very different to anything I've ever read before and I am sure there are many directions in which you could take it. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: There is another set of five drabbles that completes it. I'll post them soon! I'm really glad you like it!

Moira of the Mountain 2010.05.21 - 10:40AM 1: One Signed
Oh, I'm so happy to see this posted here as well! I'd grown to treasure it over on TPP. This was the first of your works that I came to treasure for its subtlety and purity of style.

Author's Response: I'll post the second set of drabbles as I finish it over there. Thank you!

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