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Reviews for The Benefit of Hindsight

Alatariel 2011.04.01 - 02:37PM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
*giggles* I love it! This is my second read of it, so I figured I better leave you a review of it this time. Iím going to go to my local library and look for Severus. hehehe To bad I wont be as lucky as this girl was. ~Jenna, actually leaving a review!

Author's Response: Hehe! Well this is a surprise. Thanks for reading, Jenna, and an even bigger one for leaving a review. Much appreciated indeed. See how much I love to bug Severus!!??

nagandsev 2010.11.12 - 09:37AM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
I actually felt there was more to this than what I read (hopeful wishing) - it seems that there's some level of 'history' between these two that brings about and up to this climatic point;) shared with us; Severus is so brimming with intensity - oh god, and in the library * getting distracted*... please, please if you and your muse ever want to share more, absolutely you should and do!

Author's Response: Awww! Thanks very much for your encouragement. I will never say never, and I did have some fun ideas rolling around in my head for these two. I thought they had been probably been smouldering at each other for weeks. If that muse ever graces me with a visit again, I'm on to it. Thanks again! ;-)

nagandsev 2010.11.11 - 11:08AM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
Oh gods, this is the perfect library fantasy! Severus, books and a welcoming future for further encounters in the classics section, as well as his personal 'assistance' - thank you!

Author's Response: LOL! Well thank you. Confession time! This was in fact a cut and pasted snippet of one of my longer-never-finished pieces that I always intended to come back to at some point. Some day maybe. The original didn't have quite so much physical stuff at this point (in fact it had none, so perhaps this is better left).

LadySeverus 2010.06.03 - 01:45PM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
Loved this story and even more so b/c in my local library, there IS a Library Snape! He's always on the computers. He's waaaay too young for me though but hey, a girl can fantasize, right? Even funnier is the girl who works at the desk. She has long red hair and, even though her eyes are the wrong color, I've checked her name tag...just to make sure ;-)

Author's Response: WHERE is this library, LadySeverus? My local one has a dumpy balding man who smells of mothballs. I have to use a lot of imagination when I'm handing him my books, I can tell you. Thanks for the review.

tangerine dream 2010.05.22 - 04:54AM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
Wonderfully hot! Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

morgaine_dulac 2010.05.20 - 04:27PM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
I was at the library today ... didn't get that lucky :( Great work!!

Author's Response: Thanks. Can't think how I missed this review - what a nice find.

Agnus Castus 2010.05.20 - 11:55AM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
Top marks, hexgirl. Great to see your drabble posted here! :)

Author's Response: You're too kind - thanks for saying so.

sevvy 2010.05.20 - 05:32AM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
Haha - excellent! I really must re-new that library ticket of mine if this is what's on offer there these days! 'He had toyed with the idea of casting a furtive sticking charm ... but he did have *some* scruples' - fantastic line & a great realisation that Snape is, after all, just a man! :-)

Author's Response: Hello you! Thank you very much. Snape just a man? I think we all know he's far more than that, but he is certainly susceptible to female charms, especially when offered on a plate.

star_girl 2010.05.19 - 04:24PM 1: The Benefit of Hindsight Signed
I loved this the first time, and I loved it the second! The "fruits from a tree" line still gets me. It's absolutely perfect, a brilliantly evocative line that I wish I'd written myself.

Author's Response: Thanks for your lovely comment, and for providing two fantastic first sentences.

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