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Reviews for The Return of the Blibbering Humdinger

DelphiPsmith 2012.05.03 - 06:45PM 1: One Shot Signed
This was lovely, gentle and sweet, this line in particular: "She sat like a moonbeam in the opposite seat, gleaming white and gentle lights." (And I love food porn, so that was a bonus!)

Author's Response: Thank you! The pairing just lends itself to those sorts of things, I think.

Rose of the West 2012.05.02 - 11:56PM 1: One Shot Signed
Oh, thank you so much! I know the ladies there are very discriminating.

Author's Response: Well, ok, doing it wrong...

talesofsnape 2012.05.02 - 10:09PM 1: One Shot Signed
Just lovely and perfect for me to rec at one_bad_man.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's a high compliment. I know the ladies there are very discriminating.

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