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Reviews for A Second Chance For Happiness

linda0506 2011.12.21 - 11:00AM 23: Chapter 23 – Fallout From The Fall Out Signed
Great chapter again. Can Ginny continue to stay away from Sev? I'm a bit poorly so have a heart and please post next chapter quickly.

Author's Response: Sorry to hear you're not feeling too great. It's certainly the season for it - I've not been well either. But it's been a blessing as I've had time to write! I'm hoping I'll have the next chapter ready for the new year. Until then, take care of yourself and have a lovely Xmas :)

Eszther 2011.12.21 - 05:29AM 23: Chapter 23 – Fallout From The Fall Out Signed
Wonderful! I do hope you´re not too busy over christmas (hint, hint) ...Thank you for a very well written story.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I will be away over Christmas but I'll be plotting and scheming, hoping to be back with a fresh chapter in the new year. Have a lovely Xmas and see you on the other side!

tomo 2011.12.17 - 10:39PM 22: Chapter 22 - Facing The Truth Signed
I absolutely love this story! This chapter was so painful to read, but in a good way. I feel you've had Severus express his emotions in a very believable and understandable way. I can feel my heart hurting for both of them. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: It's a big compliment that you find this story plausible, as I was concerned that Snape might be OOC in this scene. Thank you for your support!

Phoenix 13 2011.12.16 - 02:30PM 22: Chapter 22 - Facing The Truth Signed
Poor Snape and his tangled mess! Whatever will he do next? And poor Ginny. She must be feeling so bewildered. Can't wait to see what happens next. Will Harry be rubbing his hands in glee, awaiting Ginny's sad return? Will Ginny sock him in the face if he is?? Keep writing! x

Author's Response: Thanks for your support hun! I'm determined to keep writing and finish this now! x

linda0506 2011.12.16 - 01:17PM 22: Chapter 22 - Facing The Truth Signed
No, no she can't do that. Please give us the next chapter. A heartbroken Sev is more than I can stand.

Author's Response: All I can say is, trust me! Thanks for your support.

nagandsev 2011.12.16 - 12:34PM 22: Chapter 22 - Facing The Truth Signed
Again, I love this confrontation and revelation scene - so honest and true, direct and painful for both. I also love that I have no clue which way you're going to take us! Thanks for all the angst - just what I need - HA! xxx

Author's Response: Thanks again nag. It feels good to be back! xxx

Eszther 2011.12.04 - 06:03PM 21: Chapter 21 - Showdown At Godric's Hollow Signed
What a cliffhanger! I really do wish your moving and changing jobs does go smoothly, for purely altruistic reasons of course ... Thank you for a wonderful story with a unique angle.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your patience and for continuing to read - I appreciate it.

nagandsev 2011.12.04 - 02:57PM 21: Chapter 21 - Showdown At Godric's Hollow Signed
All right, I'm officially stressed out!Thank you very much! Wonderful!!! - could just feel Harry seething and trying to keep control... (uh oh, it is sort-of, kind-of, um, ,,,'nice'... seeing him be so 'manly' & in control & making her squirm and... OMG, star_girl, what is this story doing to me?! - Hurry, post the next chapter with Ginny & Alfric/Sev! SOS! Can't wait for the next chapter - *squirm, squirm*! Wanted to add on that I just can't see how this is going to end up - I've grown quite fond of all, and your skill at making us feel empathy with all of them is turning me into a big softie... Again, wonderful work! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you nag! I'm hoping my muse is now officially back in business as I want to complete this story so I can focus my attentions on Shooting Stars :)

linda0506 2011.12.04 - 02:03PM 21: Chapter 21 - Showdown At Godric's Hollow Signed
Wow. Brilliant chapter. I have been having a bad time lately at work and with life in general, and reading this cheered me up. Next chapter soon please. I can't wait for the showdown with Snape and Ginny, can't wait!

Author's Response: Thank you for your patience! I've moved, I'm back online and now have the headspace to write so I hope the next few chapters will come quickly. I'm so sorry to hear you're having a bad time of it. Stay strong, I hope things start to look up for hyou soon. Thanks again for your dedication to this story. Hugs.

Herbologist 2011.12.04 - 01:56PM 21: Chapter 21 - Showdown At Godric's Hollow Signed
Fantastic chapter, love the interaction between the two... Harry has played his Ace, but will it win him Ginny back? I somehow doubt it. What an awful cliffie to be leaving us with though, so please have some mercy and update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I am glad you've stuck by this story even though there's been a hiatus. I'm hoping now I'm settled the muse will be on fire!

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