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Reviews for A Second Chance For Happiness

Eszther 2012.04.05 - 06:26AM 25: Chapter 25 - Feelings and Firewhiskey Signed
Wonderful, thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

linda0506 2012.04.01 - 01:41PM 25: Chapter 25 - Feelings and Firewhiskey Signed
Ah, I love the tenderness between them in this chapter. Hope Severus has got plenty of Polyjuice left. Next instalment soon, I hope.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm on the home straight now, I'm very much hoping to complete the story soon.

Phoenix 13 2012.03.28 - 02:14PM 24: Chapter 24 – Cards On The Table Signed
I can't wait to read Snape's reaction to the news he will have to take part in the divorce proceedings, and as Alfric, to boot! Bet he will be disgruntled, but also nervous and strangely hopeful to see the lovely Ginny once more. Looking forward to the next chapter very much.

Author's Response: Thanks for your support honey xxx

Moranar 2012.03.19 - 05:22PM 24: Chapter 24 – Cards On The Table Signed
I recently started reading more Ginny/Severus fics and managed to find this one. I love the take you have given it. The emotions expressed in the writing are beautifully done. I am excitedly awaiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for taking the time to both read and review, I'm thrilled you're enjoying the story and I hope I won't keep you waiting too long for the next chapter.

nagandsev 2012.03.18 - 03:37PM 24: Chapter 24 – Cards On The Table Signed
Love it! - no holding back from the brutal truth and pain on eithers' side - divorce is ugly and on this basis in particular- love your refreshing direct depiction of it all - but have a feeling Sev might not- hehe! Looking forward to more! xxx

Author's Response: Thanks nag, hoping the muse stays with me as the next chapter should be interesting to say the least! xxx

Eszther 2012.03.13 - 08:09AM 24: Chapter 24 – Cards On The Table Signed
Your back, lovely! Thank you for a wonderful chapter, it was well worth the wait. And in the meantime I am pleasantly occupied by dreaming up possibilities for them ...

Author's Response: Thank you for waiting so patiently! Next chapter should be a humdinger! x

radzi 2012.03.11 - 08:51PM 24: Chapter 24 – Cards On The Table Signed
Welcome back! I had been waiting for the next chapter, and it was worth it! Poor Ginny, poor Snape. And poor Harry, too. What a fine mess! More twists and turns? Oh, goody!

Author's Response: Plenty more twists and turns to come! Thanks for your support, and your patience!

linda0506 2012.03.11 - 04:21PM 24: Chapter 24 – Cards On The Table Signed
Great. It's clever the way you have put Ginny in a position where she must contact Snape, one which she can't avoid. Always nice to read one of your chapters after a bad day at work. Looking out for the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you! More twists and turns to follow, hopefully soon! x

linda0506 2012.02.26 - 07:48AM 23: Chapter 23 – Fallout From The Fall Out Signed
Appealing for next instalment. Pretty please :)

Author's Response: Hello! I promise you I haven't abandoned the story. Life's been pretty hectic lately and I've needed to think carefully about how the next chapters need to play out. I've already written the epilogue so I know how it ends, so don't worry, I WILL finish this story. Your patience and support is really appreciated and I hope I won't have to keep you waiting too long for the next installment.

nagandsev 2011.12.24 - 11:28AM 23: Chapter 23 – Fallout From The Fall Out Signed
Love the inner reflections - poor Sev... him and his damn redheads -hehe! Seriously, poor man, I can feel him fading away... it seems that Ginny only has the power to heal him at this point, but all are suffering she, Sev, Harry & the kids... it is a wretched situation - love it! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks nag, hope the muse will be kind to me over the next few days :) x

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