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Reviews for A Second Chance For Happiness

a1severuslives 2010.04.25 - 05:51PM 3: Chapter 3 - The Hermit Signed
Yeah! It's like Duh! of course Snape survived. The Master of Deception could not be without a plan. How could such a lame death be real? Good story, thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave a note! I hope you'll continue to enjoy where this story is heading.

morgaine_dulac 2010.04.25 - 11:50AM 3: Chapter 3 - The Hermit Signed
Why is is that we all find it so adorable whenever Snape shows affection to any animal? Well done research, sis. It is very believable that Snape planned his own death/disappearance in such a matter.

Author's Response: Thank you, sis. I think there are many people who feel more comfortable in the non-judgemental prescence of animals. And as Snape rarely shows affection, it warms all of our hearts when he shows his "soft" side. I'm glad you find his disappearance plausible. I wanted to give him some time alone to lick his wounds and live the quiet life. But it won't stay that way for too much longer :)

Trickie Woo 2010.04.25 - 09:38AM 3: Chapter 3 - The Hermit Signed
Avada Colada, I love the name of the energy drink. I'm glad he's doing as well as he is and that he keeps tabs on the wizarding world through the Daily Prophet. He seems to have made friends with the owl from the Daily Prophet. I wonder if that will have anything to do with the bigger role the Prophet is going to play in his life?

Author's Response: It's interesting that you ask that question. Very interesting indeed actually, but I can't say any more than that for now! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note :)

Agnus Castus 2010.04.25 - 08:28AM 3: Chapter 3 - The Hermit Signed
This chapter was intelligently researched and beautifully written. Cornwall? I had to smile. I can just see him there, reading his newspaper and drinking tea, fooling himself that he no longer wishes to be part of the wizarding world. I went all gooey when he petted the owl! That tiny amount of contact with another soul, briefly allowed by the bird, and bought by a bellyful of bacon rind. Lovely!

Author's Response: I wanted to send him somewhere remote and beautiful, and in my head he will be near Mousehole, right on the very tip of Cornwall. I'm glad you enjoyed the part with the owl, that was very sweet to write. Thanks for your support :)

Herbologist 2010.04.19 - 08:21AM 2: Chapter 2 – Happy Families Signed
Another great chapter. I love the subtle humour and the attention to detail, and how well you descibe the conflicts of a working mother. And thanks for not succumbing to character bashing so far, as so many other SS stories featuring the golden trio. Anticipation is building as we wait with baited breath for a certain Slytherin to enter the scene. Please don;t make us wait too long!

Author's Response: Thanks once more for your review. I am attempting to be canon as possible (discounting the epilogue, of course!) so there is no point "bashing" them as such. They all have their own issues! The certain Slytherin is coming, I promise! But this is not going to be an "ordinary" love story, that's for sure.

hexgirl 2010.04.19 - 07:10AM 2: Chapter 2 – Happy Families Signed
"But she had someone else to put first, now. And that was one of the hardest lessons Ginny had to learn about becoming a mother." That is a great line and so true, at least I felt it to be so. You really give us a feel of the drudge of working motherhood here - a lot of it resonated strongly, and I love some of your little details: Wand wipes Ha! Fantastic. Ginny may feel that she can't live up to her Mother's high standards of being a fantastic home-maker, but did Molly Weasley have a career? No! Did she send Ron to school with nasty corned beef butties? Yes. Did she humiliate Ron by making him wear ancient dress-robes to the Yule ball? Yes! Hmmm! If you ask me Molly Weasley had her own short-comings. Sense of anticipation is ever growing as we await the arrival of the big-nosed one. In fact I love that we are several chapters in without having met him yet. It makes me anxious for more.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I am glad the anticipaton is building. The big-nosed one is on his way, I promise!

Rose of the West 2010.04.18 - 03:44PM 2: Chapter 2 – Happy Families Signed
Poor Ginny, suffering from her success! When they talk about women having it all, they forget that someone still needs to do the laundry and pay the bills. It's a lot to manage.

Author's Response: It is indeed a lot to manage, and it's sad that women are still expected to do the lion's share when it comes to looking after kids and domestic chores, even when they also have demanding jobs. Ginny is still in her twenties and it might be a case of too much, too young here.

Agnus Castus 2010.04.18 - 01:11PM 2: Chapter 2 – Happy Families Signed
This chapter is a précis of many a modern-day woman's life, being torn between raising a family and having a career, and feeling alone and dissatisfied in her relationship with her husband. She could indeed use a house-elf, or a nanny, but I suspect Ginny would feel she had failed the high expectations of her mother, who managed to raise a family of seven with the help of neither. I liked the way you gave us a glimpse of 'time at home with the kids' and the pressures of keeping everyone else happy. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: You hit the nail on the head there. Ginny has a lot to live up to, having been brought up by an "uber-mum". And she is still very young, to be taking on marriage, a young family and a high-profile career. The pressure is starting to build, that's for sure. Thanks for reviewing, I hope you'll continue to read :)

morgaine_dulac 2010.04.18 - 01:08PM 2: Chapter 2 – Happy Families Signed
I agree with Trickie, they need an elf. SPEW my a... :P So, stressed, frustrated Ginny will soon need a strong (black clad) shoulder to lean on? :)

Author's Response: Well, I can't give too much away at this stage. Let's just say that whatever comes next is not exactly hearts and flowers. But yes, the strong, black-clad one will be making an appearance, of course :)

Trickie Woo 2010.04.18 - 12:19PM 2: Chapter 2 – Happy Families Signed
Ginny could use a house elf. Harry's not one of those husbands who will pitch in and do what needs to be done and the whole burden has fallen on Ginny's shoulders. That's not fair, resentment must be building inside her. When will Severus make an appearance?

Author's Response: Ginny and Harry could indeed use a house elf, but they are members of S.P.E.W and don't believe in their enslavement. Harry ordinarily would pitch in and help, but he is so busy at work that he is unable to. And as Ginny's job also gets more demanding, their family is being stretched to breaking point. As for Severus... well, keep reading, that's all I can say :)

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