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Reviews for A Second Chance For Happiness

linda0506 2010.09.01 - 03:58AM 10: Chapter 10 – The Knife’s Edge Signed
He's gonna go isn't he? And that will piss Ginny off. Never mind, she'll be alright when Sevy turns up.

Author's Response: Haha, well I'm not going to spoil it for you, but the dark one will be making a timely appearance soon :)

Herbologist 2010.08.13 - 12:12PM 9: Chapter 9 – The Calm Before The Storm Signed
Just caught up with your story after a long while of not being on here much. This is a great chapter. Finally the tension is mounting, and it really does feel like the calm before the storm. Time for Snape to come and save the day :-) And I love how you described the shift in his feelings and perception of Lily. It's just spot on.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to both read and review! This hasn't been a particularly easy story for me to write, so it's so lovely to get positive feedback. Thanks again and I hope you'll continue to enjoy it.

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 01:44PM 9: Chapter 9 – The Calm Before The Storm Signed
I love your description of Severus' state of mind towards Lily and himself; also, the nuance of his noting Albus Severus' eyes and even though he has seemingly put a closure or resolution on his former feelings for Lily, how the littlest reminder of a beloved one in someone else can re-kindle emotions, memories or open oneself up to new, unexpected ones. Looking forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful, detailed reviews, you have made my day. I hope the next chapter won't take too long, muse permitting. Thanks again and I hope you continue to enjoy where this goes.

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 01:32PM 8: Chapter 8 - Heartache At The Hospital Signed
Painful and realistic - the heat of the moment in a family crisis really captured. Can't wait -Reading on!

Author's Response: I'm thrilled I have you hooked :)

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 01:27PM 7: Chapter 7 - St. Mungo's Fire Signed
The angst and fear Ginny displays over Al's condition is so very real; also, the reaction of trying to find the reason and understand what's happening by blaming Harry, regardless of how irrational, the emotions are too overwhelming. Reading on...

Author's Response: It's only going to get tougher for them here on in...

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 01:21PM 6: Chapter 6 - Hagrid's Lament Signed
Hagrid's a love - just want to hug him... ok, Albus Severus is ill...must read on. Thanks for your engaging detailed story.

Author's Response: Hagrid is an absolute dream to write, he's such a strong character. Thank YOU for reading and brightening my day with your engaging reviews!

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 01:18PM 5: Chapter 5 – November Spawned A Monster Signed
What an intriguing (and frightening, as in the Muggle world) aspect of the Wizarding world being presented - reading on to find out more!

Author's Response: Hope you continue to enjoy it :)

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 01:11PM 4: Chapter 4 – Dinner Party At The Potter’s Signed
Lovely, festive chapter - but that last paragraph, really struck home... really feel her welling up with need and emotion. I have to admit, I haven't hardly read many stories with Ginny; you've really captivated her for me - thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you for your huge compliment! I know SS/HG is the most popular coupling, but I really wanted to try somethign different.

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 01:05PM 3: Chapter 3 - The Hermit Signed
Delightful! A Cornwall cottage - absolutely! Love your details; besides the petting of the owl, I got a rush of warmth throughout, especially from his snarky, chauvinistic thoughts about Ginevra; oh, Severus!

Author's Response: Haha, only Snape fans get a "rush of warmth" from his snark ;)

nagandsev 2010.08.11 - 12:57PM 2: Chapter 2 – Happy Families Signed
I love your Ginny, and how you've captured her 'day in the life' of motherhood -- trying to balance a career, keeping her other talent and passions in her life. Hmmn, can't wait to see how her path may cross with a former professor:)

Author's Response: It might take a while, but they will cross, I promise!

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