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Reviews for A Second Chance For Happiness

hexgirl 2011.04.19 - 01:17PM 14: Chapter 14 – A False Start Signed
Hooray! They meet at last. Having Snape appear as someone else to her is such a good plot device because it allows Ginny to get to know him without the prejudices of whatever her former knowledge and experience of him would bring and be difficult to put aside. It remains to be seen how they progress with each other now. I love their Quidditch chat and the fact that Ginny is such a lad about sport - she's the Gabby Logan of Quidditch LOL! I love his pseudonym, BTW and wonder if Ginny has any awareness of his famous Muggle counterpart :) I'm very much looking forward to the rest of their date.

Author's Response: LOL @ Gabby Logan of Quidditch! You may be right there. As for his pseudonym, well there is more to that than meets the eye... that's all I'll say for now. Thanks for continuing to read and for your support!

nagandsev 2011.04.19 - 06:16AM 14: Chapter 14 – A False Start Signed
Mmnn... yummy... love the rapport between the two - even though on the outside his a blond Welsh, on the inside - he's all Snape! Love the awkwardness and sincere moments between them, and the poignant twists and decision to 'start all over' - charming & brilliant twists - thank you!

Author's Response: I'm so pleased you can still see his Snapiness through the rugged exterior! Thank you for sticking with it, really appreciate it :)

Phoenix 13 2011.04.17 - 02:21PM 14: Chapter 14 – A False Start Signed
Ah, lovely! I love the way in which their conversation and emotions are bouncing about, and how they are both surprised at their attraction to each other. It is endearing seeing the pair of them nervous around each other (and putting their foot in it, keen to learn more about the other, then cringeing when they've taken it a step too far). They are echoing each other's behaviour. However, I desperately need to know what happens next!

Author's Response: Been plotting and scheming for the next few chapters - I had to make some key decisions about how the story escalates from here, but I've made them now, so hopefully my muse will be kind to me and let me start writing :) Thanks for your support sweetie :) x

morgaine_dulac 2011.04.17 - 07:21AM 14: Chapter 14 – A False Start Signed
Bad girl for ending the chapter here ;-)

Author's Response: Hehe. There's plenty more to come ;)

Eleni 2011.04.16 - 03:00PM 14: Chapter 14 – A False Start Signed
well, that was not a dreamstart, but the night is young so it could end good. Nice chapter

Author's Response: Thanks Eleni! You're right, the night is indeed young ;)

linda0506 2011.04.16 - 08:53AM 14: Chapter 14 – A False Start Signed
Ooh, I have been waiting for this chapter. Please post next soon, as I am now dying to know what happens next.

Author's Response: Hope I won't have to keep you waiting too long. Thanks as ever for your support :)

LadySeverus 2011.04.11 - 04:19PM 13: Chapter 13 – A Birthday Surprise Signed
I like the idea of a naked Snape in front of the mirror. I like the idea of a naked Snape and a mirror on the ceiling even more. LOL! See, just the mention of a basilisk in the pants gets me going. Wonder if Ginny will suspect that all is not as it seems. I reckon she might...although she may just want to take the fisherman home anyway ;)

Author's Response: LOL! Naked Snape, vibrating bed AND a mirror on the ceiling! Now that sounds like a night to remember ;) Can't give away too much right now but I hope you'll continue to enjoy where this goes. Thanks for your support - it means a lot!

hexgirl 2011.04.04 - 02:40PM 13: Chapter 13 – A Birthday Surprise Signed
*Shivers with anticipation*. The set-up is complete. I was wondering how you were going to get her to 'tempt' him out. Of course... he's a man... sport!! They can't resist LOL!The question is now, will she fall for the hunky fisherman and be disappointed when she finds out his true identity? or will she see through his ruse? What are you doing reading this? WRITE WOMAN, WRITE!!

Author's Response: hehe, chapter 14 is in progress but as it's a very important chapter I want to get it just right! I hope you won't have to wait too long though :)

nagandsev 2011.04.03 - 08:30AM 13: Chapter 13 – A Birthday Surprise Signed
Love his deliberation and final acceptance of the invitation... all of the detail; looking forward to Ginevra and him finally getting together, alone in the press box... can't wait!

Author's Response: Hope I won't have to keep you waiting too long, and I hope the wait will be worth it :)

linda0506 2011.04.02 - 04:31AM 13: Chapter 13 – A Birthday Surprise Signed
Didn't think he would accept. It's going to be a very intriguing meeting. I keep thinking about that basilisk!

Author's Response: Hehe, how can you not think about the basilisk! Hope I won't have to keep you waiting too long for the next chapter.

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