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Reviews for The White Knight

Herbologist 2010.04.13 - 05:23PM 1: The White Knight Signed
So funny! Thanks for making me laugh!

LadySeverus 2010.04.05 - 09:55AM 1: The White Knight Signed
Still giggling over the name "Delusione". Brilliant! Loved all the cliches and that you busted right through them! If I could I would carrying you around "bridal style" to congratulate you. LOL!

Agnus Castus 2010.04.02 - 05:07PM 1: The White Knight Signed
Thank you for this wonderful parody; you certainly made me giggle :) You've managed to put together all of the things I will endeavour to avoid in my own fanfic writing. Your Mary-Sue was wondrous, from her golden tresses to her voluptuous hips. And you explain Hermione-Sue too! Brava!

GitonCrais 2010.03.28 - 04:58PM 1: The White Knight Signed
Absolutely hillarious. Well done. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, who could have forgotten that scene :-)

Rose of the West 2010.03.28 - 02:22PM 1: The White Knight Signed
I'm speechless. I don't think you missed a single cliche there. I was wincing and laughing the whole way through.

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