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Reviews for Scoring With The Potions Master

Rose of the West 2010.03.12 - 12:04PM 1: One-shot Signed
*Snort* I can't decide if Irma, all worn out from playing all that tennis, is funnier, or Minerva, all worn out from what she thought she had heard, is funnier.

Author's Response: I'm just glad you found it funny full stop, Rose! Thanks so much for reviewing! :-)

Severus49 2010.03.10 - 12:24PM 1: One-shot Signed
I have to laugh, on our Wii, I made a Severus Mii and the poor thing can't play baseball to save it's life~! About the only thing it is really good at is tennis! LOL!

Author's Response: The irony of all this is that I don't own a Wii nor do I know the first thing about them! I'm not even a fan of tennis, though I know people often comment on the rather suggestive grunts some of the players make when playing ... I guess that's where the idea came from! Thanks for the review:-)

morgaine_dulac 2010.03.10 - 12:09PM 1: One-shot Signed
Hilarious! Guess if my dirty mind wandered ...

Author's Response: What do you mean *if* your dirty mind wandered ... surely it's too late to stop it doing that ... !

Herbologist 2010.03.09 - 05:22PM 1: One-shot Signed
Oh, that was really funny. Love the image of a Minerva listening at the door and dreawing all the wrong conclusions!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this, Herbologist - I had fun writing it (done simply as a means to cheer myself up the other day.) I thought Minerva's rather stern, austere nature made her a good candidate for such eavesdropping! Thanks so much for taking time to review :-)

aramintasnape 2010.03.09 - 02:30PM 1: One-shot Signed
LOL! This is hilarious :) We just bought a Wii this past weekend - maybe I should invite Severus over to try it out... ;)

Author's Response: If you do you'll have to invite me over aswell to - ahem - give dear Sev a hand, you understand! Haven't succumbed to the temptation of a Wii yet (despite both my sons' requests to do so!) Thanks so much for reviewing, I'm glad you found it amusing! :-)

hexgirl 2010.03.09 - 09:28AM 1: One-shot Signed
Well that made me giggle. He should have a go on Guitar Hero next, I bet Madam Pince rocks at that. You introduced two new and interesting pairings here SS/MM and SS/IP - not the most sexy of ships, but still more plausible than SS/HG IMHO! Thanks for the laughs sevvy.

Author's Response: It's probably an age thing in my case, Hexgirl - maybe subconsciously I thought it was about time the more mature woman got a look in (mind you, Pince and McGonagall might be taking it a bit too far!) Thanks for the review! :-)

Trickie Woo 2010.03.09 - 01:01AM 1: One-shot Signed
This was very cute, I can see just why it was so easy for Minerva to get that impression.

Author's Response: Thanks, Trickie Woo - I'm glad you found this cute! I thought it was better for Minerva to feel jealousy, rather than just embarrassment at her conclusions, but I'm not quite sure where the SS/MM idea came from - it just happened, despite it not normally being a pairing I'm too keen on! :-)

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