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Reviews for What Snape Wants

hot_stuff11 2014.05.24 - 06:16PM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
Absolutely amazing. Deep and powerful and moving!

anthat 2012.08.16 - 12:47AM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
Well done. Charachter depth with out becoming sappy or cliche.

Snapesbeatrice 2010.04.01 - 11:49PM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
Your story was a mix of creepiness and heart-felt caring. Very well done.

Maria 2010.03.09 - 09:00PM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
I looked for this story in my favourites just a few days ago and just about *freaked* when it wasn't there!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo glad I visited digital-quill today and found this again!!! This remains the most poignant and canon-compliant Snape fanfic ever written, in my opinion. Even back when you first posted this, I knew something about it rang true - and when I at last finished reading DH, I came back to your story immediately because I remembered it so well. Thank you, thank you, for putting this here again!

Herbologist 2010.03.09 - 05:25PM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
Very sad, and very moving at the same time. The one thing Severus really needs, he can never have.

hexgirl 2010.03.07 - 04:37AM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
This would work beautifully as a poignant, heartbreaking stand alone, but I can't say I'm not glad that there is going to be more. Experiencing Snape from a Muggle woman's point of view makes the reader really empathise with her. There is a sense of realism which is often not felt in HP based fanfics because of the magical element, obviously. But encountering Snape through the eyes of a Muggle makes the whole thing so alive; I actually felt like he could exist in that little grimy house in Spiner's End. You certainly haven't Rickmanised Snape, which again made him feel so very canon for me. The part where he becomes almost shy when she takes on Lily's appearance was truly moving, and at the end when she forgives him I was bereft. I love your writing style, you drew me in from the first sentence and I just couldn't stop reading. In short - Wow! this is a bar raiser.

Severus49 2010.03.05 - 10:54PM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
Not enough adjectives to describe it. Tragic, sad, heartbreaking - that gets close.

Stella Stargazer 2010.03.04 - 09:43AM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
I am sure I have read this beautiful story before, but I certainly appreciate the opportunity to read it again. I will be looking for updates as well. I really cannot guess where you will take us with this.

fraildove 2010.03.03 - 08:06PM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
What a beautiful story! Wonderfuly written and clearly expressed.

LadySeverus 2010.03.03 - 02:35PM 1: What Snape Wants Signed
Well, I for one am glad that you put the story back up as I had never seen it before! It had me captivated from start to finish. Well done!

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