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Reviews for Wishing On A Star

ally 2011.08.22 - 07:40AM 3: Leaving The Past Behind Signed
I do hope this will be updated in the futur!

Author's Response: Yes, I fully intend to finish this story. As I haven't got a lot of time to write, I have decided to put this on hiatus while I focus on my other WIP, Avada Kedavra. I do hope to upload one more chapter before xmas, and then to come back to it sometime next year.

Rose of the West 2011.01.05 - 12:54AM 3: Leaving The Past Behind Signed
I see he's going to take a chance on the potion after all, and after bathing and putting on fresh clothes, he's probably as ready as can be for his future.

Author's Response: Yes, this time he has luck on his side, but he's still Snape LOL! We'll see what difference it makes.

JIMBOPAT 2010.12.11 - 12:42PM 1: A Paradox At Dawn Signed

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. The muse has just returned, so hopefully the next chapter is not too far away.

hexgirl 2010.12.10 - 02:50AM 3: Leaving The Past Behind Signed
Oh I'm so glad to see that you haven't abandoned this, I was really enjoying it. Lovely chapter - the descriptions of a decrepit and crumbling Spinners End are wonderful. The addition of him drinking Felix Felicis is interesting and I'm wondering how it is going to affect him. he could do with a bit of luck, and I always wish he had taken some before he went to the Shrieking Shack. I hope the next chapter comes along sooner, but I know what it's like when the muse refuses to play.

Author's Response: Hi hexgirl, thanks for your lovely review. I promise to never abandon this story, but it'll probably be a few months between chapters. One aspect of the story will be exploring what difference luck will make to his life. Glad you're enjoying it so far.

Apothecaria 2010.12.09 - 10:06PM 3: Leaving The Past Behind Signed
This is thoughtful, and nicely written. Ending with him downing the potion is a nice cliff-hanger.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, and apologies for the cliff hanger. I'm working on an update. :-)

aramintasnape 2010.03.15 - 02:07PM 2: Wounded at Midnight Signed
Oh, poor Aurora! I am really enjoying this and am looking forward to the next chapter (where hopefully Severus will come to his senses) :)

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you enjoyed this! This story will be abnout Severus coming to his senses, and learning something about himself in the process...

Rose of the West 2010.03.12 - 12:00PM 2: Wounded at Midnight Signed
That goes to show that the other person never sees the love affair the same way you do. Perhaps when she returns to the time frame she belongs in, he will have had some time to think about things... or maybe he'll be even more bad mannered about it.

Author's Response: Ah, he will see sense...eventually. :-)

kerriblu 2010.03.09 - 02:24PM 2: Wounded at Midnight Signed
Oh, off to a good start. A right bastard he is. Poor Aurora, I hope you have better luck for her in store.

Author's Response: Thank you! It will be Severus who needs luck the most ;-)

hexgirl 2010.03.09 - 09:32AM 2: Wounded at Midnight Signed
Oh, I really feel for Aurora - what a cad! She goes to all that bother to save him for what? He'll see sense, he just needs time and space to work things out I guess. I look forward to wherever you plan to take this. Loving it so far.

Author's Response: Hi hexgirl. Glad you like it. He will see sense, but it will take him a while :-)

star_girl 2010.03.08 - 04:59PM 2: Wounded at Midnight Signed
The end of this chapter was great. You nailed Severus' reaction. He wouldn't just fall into her arms and he would be pissed and embarrassed at still being alive. Can't wait to see where it goes next :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this chapter.

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