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Reviews for A Nagini and Severus Tale

Agnus Castus 2012.11.04 - 11:27AM 17: Horologium Ascending - Part Two Signed
This chapter is brimming with wonderful characterisation - the individuals really come to life here. Fantastic dialogue and very realistic teenage dynamics, bullying and struggles for power. I feel sad for Severus and Nagini, caught in the middle of all this...

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for affirming that the characterisations are coming across as intended--really appreciate it! Wanted to explore some more of the possible goings-on within and involvement of the power plays of those dynamics--thank you so much for continuing to read and the support!!!xx<3<3<3

Agnus Castus 2012.11.04 - 11:13AM 16: Horologium Ascending - Part One Signed
Glad to hear that Lucius would like to get rid of Qualmsick - let's hope he can make it happen before Nagini ends up in that terrible fate. Nagini must be really besotted with Severus - to forget about her detention and to cross the line between the Houses just so she can visit Hogsmeade with Severus... Reckless behaviour. I'm concerned about what danger might befall Nagini and Severus... Reading on!

Author's Response: Yes, the impact and reality of what detention means and how it limits her, or what being in different Houses in reality truly means to those around her, hasn't hit her--yet; and as she is really besotted, feelings she's never experienced before and those for/with Severus, she is/was oblivious and, in hindsight, reckless:-( Thank you so much for reading and leaving feedback and for the continued support!xx<3<3<3

hot_stuff11 2012.09.27 - 09:29PM 14: Capricornus Ascendant – Part One Signed
I like this story a lot-Nagini's notion of SS as her "dark angel" is quite captivating. Will you be finishing another chapter soon or are you on hiatus from this story for the time being? (**Cries in corner**)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and for leaving some feedback--truly appreciate it! So happy that you like this story and Nagini's idea of him as a "dark angel"--wanted to explore this and SS entering her life on more than a few levels;-) I should be getting others chapters up more frequently; just had a hectic period in real life and am hoping that things are settling down, finally, leaving me more time to write and post--thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! Again, really appreciate it!

Agnus Castus 2012.09.14 - 03:17PM 15: Capricornus Ascendant – Part Two Signed
Great characterisation of the Marauders in this chapter, and I loved Snape's impudent request that Potter kneel down and kiss his toes. I'd happily kiss any body part he offered me... Ahem... You conveyed blistering, crackling tension between Snape and his enemies - well done! The scene in the Ravenclaw Tower stairwell provided a wonderful contrast, and Snape's "Brilliant..." declaration was a lovely intimate and adolescent moment which made me smile. No doubt that Nagini's universe has been forever changed by this encounter. Lovely work!

Author's Response: Agnus Castus, thank you so much for reading and your continued support! yes, I'd like to think that SS experienced some true pleasurable/intimate adolescent wizard moments - lol! Poor, dearest Severus... Oh, yes, Nagini's universe has changed forever;-) Again, truly appreciate everything!xx

Rose of the West 2012.05.20 - 11:23PM 14: Capricornus Ascendant – Part One Signed
Hoo... that's a lot of emotions to figure out all at once, and first they need to escape the Marauders. Yikes!

Author's Response: Rose, thank you so much for the read and feedback, really appreciate it! Yes, it is a lot of emotions; I felt Severus, in particular has been conditioned to switch 'on and off' to survive, less in control perhaps in his younger years than he mastered later on in his life... and wanted to explore Nagini being a Metamorphagus and how maybe that could predisposition her to also be changeable, emotionally more so--and the Marauders--always there when you don't want them to be! hehe! xxx

Agnus Castus 2012.03.31 - 05:03PM 13: The Haunted Bed and Other Dilemmas: Part Two Signed
The thought of Severus with Bellatrix always makes me shudder, but you handled this scene very well indeed. I tend to think of Madam Lestrange as Helena Bonham-Carter's gone-to-seed portrayal, forgetting that she was once a young, attractive and alluring witch. Thankfully, your narration reminded me of this, and so their coupling became a little bit easier to bear! However, the shudder tells me no good will come from this. I love the description of Ravenclaw dormitories in your previous chapter, and the thought of awaking to the sight of constellations pleases me immensely! A lovely touch, as well as other lovely touches, hehe! Looking forward to more... May the muse be with you :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely, detailed review - I got a bit carried away with the Ravenclaw dormitory description (didn't want to leave it - hehe!), so I'm tickled and happy that you were pleased- the constellations I needed to insert for a few reasons, both symbolically and concretely as will show up later in the story. Bellatrix (please, forgive me?) *also shuddering*, but Sev wasn't in the mood to run from her, and definitely man enough to take her on- hehe! but, yes, no good will come from this... Really appreciate the feedback! Best wishes!

Agnus Castus 2012.03.31 - 04:44PM 12: The Haunted Bed and Other Dilemmas: Part One Signed
I'm glad Nagini worked out the balms came from Severus; I can't stand it when Lucius gets credit for other people's actions! Nagini's past at Durmstrang sounds horrific - she must've been terrified and confused - I'd like to think she will be exonerated, but I sense this is not where your story is headed! Reading on...

Author's Response: Agnus Castus, thank you so much for the read and feedback; thanks for affirming that the info is coming across as intended regarding the balms and about the resonating past actions and events colouring, possibly, the future *your Inner Eye is spot on - as always* - lol! Really appreciate your continued reading!xx

Agnus Castus 2012.02.22 - 03:24PM 11: Ravenclaws Ascending, Slytherins Descending Signed
I'm so glad I've been able to catch up with another chapter of your wonderful story... As ever, your characterisation is superb, introducing a new "original character" in the guise of Belby, yet another force to be reckoned with in Nagini's complicated life! The inevitable scene with Lily and James was well written, and Lucius' attempts to console Severus were good fun to read. I dread to think what will happen with Bellatrix... Yikes!

Author's Response: Agnus Castus, thank you so much for reading and the detailed feedback! :-) Glad the different characters and situations are coming across as intended. Yes, the combination of living with Slytherins and being one himself will begin to flare up more in Sev's life - hehe! Thank you again for your continued support - on all levels! xxx

Cherylann14love 2012.02.22 - 02:08PM 13: The Haunted Bed and Other Dilemmas: Part Two Signed
Great chapter! I look forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Cherylann14love, thank you so much for continuing to read and the feedback - really appreciate it! xxx

Rose of the West 2012.02.15 - 03:17PM 13: The Haunted Bed and Other Dilemmas: Part Two Signed
Hm... I think I know what might have happened here. I wonder if Bellatrix is a willing accomplice in this.

Author's Response: Rose, thank you so much for reading and the feedback - know it was something unexpected - Bellatrix is not her own 'master'... even if much of the world perceives her being very 'dominating'... - thank you again! xxx

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