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Reviews for A Valentine's Quartet

Herbologist 2010.02.14 - 11:29AM 1: A Valentine's Quartet Signed
Love it! I think I can guess who wrote what, but I can't say which I love best :-) A highly enjoyable read, added to favourites... well done!

Author's Response: Hi Herbologist, we're very glad you liked it. So you think you know who wrote what? Hmmmm! wonder if you are right! Thank you for leaving a review and adding us to favourites.

Rosewood 2010.02.08 - 11:56PM 1: A Valentine's Quartet Signed
I *love* the way Severus shrewdly handled Bella's unwanted advances. He's so wicked! As for Minerva, I had forgotten how smug and bitchy should could be at times. Poor Severus. I wish it hadn't ended on such a sullen note. Overall, great story!

Author's Response: Thanks Rosewood. Severus certainly handled Bella in a distinctly Slytherin way, but at least he kept himself unsullied for Lily, not that that worked out well for him, poor love. And Minerva was so righteous when she ran Snape out of Hogwarts that is was easy to imagine her trying to sabotage his regime. It was difficult to imagine a happy ending for him at this point in his life, but the good news is that the snake didn't kill him and he went on to live a full and happy life with a someone deserving of him.

LadySeverus 2010.02.08 - 11:22PM 1: A Valentine's Quartet Signed
Quite a delicious smorgasbord for Valentine's Day! Enjoyed it immensely and had a lot of fun trying to decide who wrote what parts. Smooches to y'all.

Author's Response: I am glad you enjoyed the tasty treats, and thankfully no Surstromming in sight! We'd be interested to hear your guesses as to who did which part. Big smooches to you and thank you for reading and reviewing :)

a1severuslives 2010.02.08 - 10:52PM 1: A Valentine's Quartet Signed
What should I say? So, so, in character! "lackey to the Dark Lord" larf! " . The section at the end with Dumbledore was absolutely seemless with canon. When Snape decides he must convince Sinistra she is mistaken , whoa! As for Snape and Bella, this also fits in greatly with their canon interactions (I wanted to know where Narcissa was though!). This rings so true to canon, well done again. It saddens and sickens one all at once to know what Snape went through. Which is why we all love him I guess. Gawd, he's not even real! I think we all have a mental health issue here! Anyway thanks for the story.

Author's Response: Thanks for your lovely comments, it's always good to know that you felt he was in character, particular as in this case he was penned by four writers. Where was Narcissa? probably shopping, or getting her nails done, it's not easy living up to the exacting standards of Lucius Malfoy; a Pure Blood witch has to look her best. It is indeed sickening to imagine what poor Snape went through, but it is so wonderful to play with him all the same. And of course we all have mental health issues - but hey! fanfiction keeps us off the streets.

The Mugglechief 2010.02.08 - 01:29AM 1: A Valentine's Quartet Signed
Congratulations, dear ladies. You managed to make four very different pieces fit perfectly together. I think I can guess about two from whose quill they have sprung. One I am certain of. Not many minds that live in the gutter are that twisted.

Author's Response: Sorry that you had to wait for your response, dearest. But you know how it is: there you are, MINDing you own business in the gutter and then the other Snapettes drop in for tea and refuse to leave. It's busy down here, even for the TWISTED ones ;-) We are, of course, very glad that you've enjoyed our pieces and are very honoured that you dropped by. Tea? ;-)

Rose of the West 2010.02.08 - 12:25AM 1: A Valentine's Quartet Signed
Wow, ladies, that was quite a story! Parts were amusing, parts were just a bit creepy, and parts were very sad. I tried to figure out who wrote what as I went, and I think I can guess some passages, but you merged your styles very well. That's quite impressive.

Author's Response: Thank you Rose, we're very glad that you enjoyed it, and wonder if your guesses were right. We certainly had fun writing it. It's good to know that our styles worked well together. Who knows, there may be more ventures to come.

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