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Reviews for What He Never Knew

Very Small Prophet 2010.09.17 - 11:47PM 1: oneshot Signed
It is my theory that Severus's "natural" patronus, uninfluenced by Lily, would be a black panther. Great minds... But if Lily truly felt something for Sev, how could she be so cold and heartless when he begged for forgiveness outside Gryffindor Tower? That's not the behavior of the kind, caring person Lily is said to be. How could she not realize he had lashed out in panic and humiliation, hurting her the way she hurt him by flirting with James? If we look at her behavior instead of what people say about her after she's dead, Lily is a hard-hearted bitch.

Author's Response: I usually picture some sort of large cat for Snape, myself. ;) On the other issue, I think Lily was a 16 year old girl. She was probably self-absorbed and overconfident in her own moral compass. It added up to prissy b****, at least during that stage of her life. She was probably also a bit fickle. I don't think her Patronus stayed that new way for very long. After all, it changed shape in the space of five minutes with Snape. Thank you very much for the review, and the food for thought!

LChaim 2010.03.18 - 03:47PM 1: oneshot Signed
Aww...this is just lovely! What a pleasure to read!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

morgaine_dulac 2010.01.25 - 04:25AM 1: oneshot Signed
This was very sweet. I very much like her new Patronus. If only ...

Author's Response: Thank you! She had a choice to make and it turned on something so small, in the end. For a single word to make all the difference in the world... Hey, I thought of you a lot when writing a Ted/Andromeda story in November, especially the last chapter. It's currently posting in a few places like Lumos.

hexgirl 2010.01.22 - 03:02PM 1: oneshot Signed
What a lovely idea for Snape's patronus memory - It has to be Lily connected of course. And I love Lily's patronus - Oh if only!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I tend to believe that LESS is less, but as a school romance there's a sweetness about it that's irresistable. Of course, the next day...

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