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Reviews for Newfound Love

Agnus Castus 2010.01.24 - 11:00AM 1: One-shot Signed
You know, Sevvy, I don't really "do" romance, and never like "slush". This piece transcended those things. It seemed to soar in the sky above me, and sweep down and whisper in my ear. Absolutely joyous and beautiful. Regarding depression and long-term illness, I would like to share this Kahlil Gibran quote with you: "Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears."

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review, Agnus Castus - you've no idea how much it means to me that you've not found this too romantic or slushy. I was so worried that it would come across as insincere and sugary - the very things I was trying to avoid! As I've said previously, poetry/prose is not for everyone, but, certainly at the moment, it has been a great way for me to express myself in order to escape the very dark place I've been for a while. And I love the quote you have written ... I try to fill my mind with such things & have all sorts of similar verses plastered around my house in various forms(fridge magnets, keyrings,etc. etc.) in order to inspire me! :-)

Rose of the West 2010.01.22 - 05:53PM 1: One-shot Signed
What a wonderful moment between two people. Hmmmmmm

Author's Response: Thank you, Rose - I'm so glad you enjoyed it; poetry/prose is not for everyone but I often think so much more can be said in this way ... :-)

morgaine_dulac 2010.01.22 - 04:05PM 1: One-shot Signed
You seem to be confusing the word "slushy" with "beautiful", my dear.

Author's Response: So if we get more snow & it becomes slushy, I am really saying it's beautiful! Seriously, thank you morgaine - as always your support is so appreciated :-)

hexgirl 2010.01.22 - 02:56PM 1: One-shot Signed
Wow I'm impressed - beautiful prose. Feeling rather down in the dumps at present, and it was just what I needed to make me feel hopeful. More of this sort of stuff please - it's good!

Author's Response: Not sure this is ever going to cheer anyone up exactly, hexgirl - but you are right about it being hopeful. And where would we be without hope ... that's certainly why I wrote it *sending a big hug your way* :-)

star_girl 2010.01.22 - 02:13PM 1: One-shot Signed
That was beautiful, sevvy. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank *you* for reviewing, star_girl - your loyal support always keeps me going even during the roughest of times :-)

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