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Reviews for Fluffy Bunnies

Owlbait 2011.03.22 - 08:47PM 1: Fluffy Bunnies Signed
those were plot bunnies, weren't they?

Neko Mata 2010.12.02 - 05:24PM 1: Fluffy Bunnies Signed
Loved this episode, really had to laugh out hard at this one! Very nice!

LadySeverus 2010.01.10 - 12:44PM 1: Fluffy Bunnies Signed
Haha! I have been known to sing that song too, after a few beverages of the alcoholic kind! And I liked the name of the potion too. Very appropriate.

Author's Response: hahaha, thanks. i was listening to R.E.M. shit happens :-P

Trickie Woo 2010.01.04 - 01:13AM 1: Fluffy Bunnies Signed
Very funny, once he conjured the meadow I pictured the opening scene in 'The Sound of Music'. I wonder how he would handle the von Trappe brood, in typical Snape fashion? Yes, I want fluffy Snape and romance, but without Hermione; how about Luna, Tonks, or an OFC?

Author's Response: ahahaha, snape + the von trappe's--that sounds *amazing*.

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