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Reviews for Hope for Snape

Rose of the West 2010.01.08 - 03:50AM 7: Chapter 9 - Becky Signed
That Diana is a bit of a crackpot. Even after being told the truth she doesn't believe it.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review..Yes Diana is nuts, but she wants her way....Just want to hit her...LOL!! Becky

Rose of the West 2010.01.08 - 03:46AM 6: Chapter 8 - Lily Always Signed
That's quite a family to belong to. A sister like that is quite a liability.

Author's Response: Yes, a sister like that makes it easy to tell the difference between an easy life and a difficult one.

Rose of the West 2010.01.08 - 03:41AM 5: Chapters 6 - Lydia; 7 - Ann Signed
Aha. We see in the first section how very guileless the one sister is and the second section just how much guile the other sister has. Fortunately, the Potions Master is on to her.

Author's Response: Exactly! --Ann

Rose of the West 2010.01.08 - 03:36AM 4: Chapter 5 - Matthew Signed
That's a complicated problem to have. I can only imagine what Diana's long term solution is.

Author's Response: At this point in the story, I, too (Matthew) was wondering what the solution would be. That's part of the fun of a round robin story--not knowing what the next author will do with the story line. Thank you for the comments.

Rose of the West 2010.01.08 - 03:29AM 3: Chapter 4 - Pam Signed
I wasn't expecting that interesting bit of intrigue and mystery to go with the romance.

Author's Response: Couples that can overcome huge hurdles in the relationship, will last the longest. This was one of those hurdlers. Plus it is always good to keep the reader intrigued. Thank you for taking the time to review. --Pam

Rose of the West 2010.01.06 - 12:18AM 2: Chapters 2 - Amanda Rose; 3 - Jay Signed
Chapter 2 was a nice little segway between the cold moor and the warmer cottage. It seems to lie just under the surface that they both would like to warm up differently. Chapter 3 shows quite a bit of rising UST, doesn't it? Severus is so busy thinking of reasons she can't like him that he doesn't realize she's flirting outrageously. Isn't that the way it goes?

Author's Response: Yes, Snape never seems to believe anyone could be attracted to him.

Rose of the West 2010.01.06 - 12:06AM 1: Chapter 1 - Jesse Signed
This is a nice little start of something. I like the idea that there's someone helping him to hide and recover. I like that she gives him something to think about.

Author's Response: I always like reading stories that describe Snape's thoughts. A peek into the mystery of the wizard.

lizette 2010.01.02 - 08:06PM 32: Chapter 36 - Becky Signed
Very nice story, I liked very much!

Author's Response: On behalf of all the authors who worked on it, thank you!

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