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Reviews for What the Lonely Know

morgaine_dulac 2010.01.02 - 02:20PM 1: What the Lonely Know Signed
Wow! Reading this before family dinner was such a bad idea. I promise to leave you a better review when I have the time to give this story the attention it deserves.

Author's Response: Well, thanks for reading and reviewing, and I look forward to hearing your views at a future time!

star_girl 2010.01.02 - 12:49PM 1: What the Lonely Know Signed
Please don't let this be a 1-shot! There are so many ways you could take this, I can see it blossoming into something epic! Snape's jealousy as he watches Tonks getting close to Lupin... Tonks' guilt as she realises she has feelings for Snape... Love the whole Pettigrew bit and once again your smut is sizzling! Good work. More, please?

Author's Response: Thanks for the enthusiastic reception! This pairing really took me by surprise, and I couldn't envisage more than a one-shot at first. Ever since I wrote it, I've been haunted by the choice given to Snape at the end of the story. And the characters just won't leave me alone! There's room for more angst between these two... I'm glad you like my smut; I'm not overly-confident in this category, but willing to give it a go.

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