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Reviews for What the Lonely Know

Severus49 2010.03.01 - 10:14PM 5: For Auld Lang Syne Signed
Now, that's the way I want to ring in the new year! So yummy!

Author's Response: Yep, me too. Tonks is a lucky girl! Thanks for reviewing :)

Herbologist 2010.03.01 - 06:27PM 5: For Auld Lang Syne Signed
Yeah! Great chapter. I think Snape is kidding himself if he thinks that he is the one in control. I really love Tonks in your story. And the end was really sweet, but not too sweet, if you knwo what I mean.

Author's Response: Snape might well be kidding himself; there's quite a power struggle going on between these two. I always thought of Tonks as being quite plucky (especially in the way she talks to her mentor, Mad-Eye Moody) so I've quite enjoyed her boldness in contrast to Snape's quiet reserve. Thanks for reviewing again. From the sounds of it, my writing style is still bittersweet :)

saraband16 2010.03.01 - 02:12PM 5: For Auld Lang Syne Signed
Whew!! Breathless again. These two are just made for each other. But I can't help feeling a sense of doom because of what happened to canon Snape and Nymphadora. While I am loving this story I have an awful feeling about the end. Please don't break my heart!

Author's Response: I'm afraid I can make no promises about whether or not the story will break readers' hearts, but we all know what a canon-compliant story means. I intend for them to have some fun in the meantime, as well as a healthy dollop of angst and jealousy along the way. I hope you feel you can carry on reading. Thanks for reviewing :)

saraband16 2010.03.01 - 01:39PM 4: Secret Eden Signed
Wow! My heart is racing. That was so amazingly hot!!! I absolutely love this coupling (no pun intended) and can easily see this thing happening.

Author's Response: That's such a lovely compliment - thank you!

sevvy 2010.03.01 - 04:43AM 5: For Auld Lang Syne Signed
That's certainly one way to see in the New Year! I'm also guessing that Snape might just have met his match with his Auror; he may kid himself that he's going to be the one calling all the shots but he might have to think again! Please keep up the good work, Agnus Castus ... this is an extremely - ahem -'interesting' relationship! ;-)

Author's Response: Sevvy, it's the ONLY way to see in the New Year. Haha! I think Snape will experience a steep learning curve about power in relationships. When I wrote the one-shot opening chapter, I was fascinated by the Death Eater / Auror dynamic, and it was one of the reasons I decided to continue writing. That, and the lovely reviewers :)

Severus49 2010.02.26 - 02:49PM 4: Secret Eden Signed
I love Tonks and I think she would have been much better for Severus than Lupin, so I am thoroughly enjoying reading this! By all means, If you want to continue this story I am DEFINITELY up to reading!!!

Author's Response: Well, that's jolly nice to hear! Thanks very much!

sevvy 2010.02.24 - 03:53PM 4: Secret Eden Signed
I'm definitely liking 'passive' Snape (as I'm quite sure Tonks is!) I just love your line 'To sit and be rode by a pretty young woman who gave herself willingly really was something to be savoured' ... I doubt there's a man alive who wouldn't agree with that!;-) I love the way this story is progressing ... tell Tonks she really, really doesn't need Lupin! :-)

Author's Response: Haha! *You* try telling her she doesn't need Lupin! Perhaps we'll be able to distract her for a little while ;-) You liked passive Snape? I think he surprised himself in this chapter. I wonder if he will cope with the changing power dynamic...

morgaine_dulac 2010.02.24 - 12:45AM 4: Secret Eden Signed
Oh wow! Gutsy little chick, your Tonks! Just ride Snape and the walk away. Wohoo! Love the way he surrendered to her. He doesn't always need to be the dominate one. Just wondering, have you planned how long the story will be?

Author's Response: Gutsy is one interpretation of her behaviour... Hehe! I think Tonks has great personality in canon, and I'm finding her huge fun to write. How long? I really don't know. I have very little control over these two, and they're full of surprises. All I can tell you that the story ends long before Dumbledore dies, because I'm keeping it canon-compliant. Thanks for your lovely review :-)

morgaine_dulac 2010.02.15 - 09:20AM 3: Only the Lonely Signed
This is about the most beautiful thing I've read. And I cannot even start to describe the feelings I am experiencing right now.

Author's Response: That is such a lovely thing to say - thank you. When I wrote this chapter I let go of the reins, and was completely surprised where the characters took me. These two seem to have their own ideas, and when I try to mould them any other way, they refuse to co-operate! If the result for the reader is a deep emotional reaction, then I must learn to trust the process.

saraband16 2010.02.14 - 12:17AM 3: Only the Lonely Signed
That was so wonderful!! I am breathless!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! You've got a bit of time to catch your breath until chapter 4.

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