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Reviews for What the Lonely Know

star_girl 2010.04.11 - 07:58AM 7: Making Plans Signed
Aww. Of course Severus is going to miss their liaisons too. This cannot end well, as I know you are stickler for canon, but still I maintain that neither can walk away from this without some feelings for each other. I'm interested to see how you wrap this up in a nice, shiny bow (as I know you will :)

Author's Response: Nice, shiny bows notwithstanding, I too wondered how I was going to conclude this story. I don't think a canon-compliant ending precludes them having feelings for each other, though, and I suppose the readers will tell me if I've given the characters the ending they deserve. You'll find out soon enough ;)

saraband16 2010.04.11 - 12:50AM 7: Making Plans Signed
Once again you have betwitched me with this story! I adore these two and their moments together and I loved it when N's eyes metamorphosed into Snape's. That was very highly erotic. Ten stars...again.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your continuing praise and generous stars! I hope I can bring this story to a satisfactory conclusion for you.

Severus49 2010.03.16 - 10:09PM 6: Resolutions Signed
Although Tonks wants just 'fuck buddies', it's obvious Sev is starting to get a little possessive about his witch!

Author's Response: Hehe, yes he is, isn't he? ;)

saraband16 2010.03.15 - 06:06PM 6: Resolutions Signed
God, everytime I read one of your chappies I feel like crying tears of joy and sorrow at the same time. You are very, very good. I can't say it enough: this pairing is extraordinary! Thank you for a beautiful story!

Author's Response: Oh, wow, thank you very much! I'm always honoured to share my work with Occlumency readers, and I'm so pleased you're enjoying this (somewhat unusual) pairing. Reviews like yours spur me on :)

morgaine_dulac 2010.03.15 - 12:13PM 6: Resolutions Signed
I had my review already written in my head, then I read Sevvy's and I can only say: I agree, 100%

Author's Response: Hehe. I read sevvy's review again before I replied to this! Thanks, dearest.

sevvy 2010.03.15 - 05:01AM 6: Resolutions Signed
That was simply lovely - I so enjoyed your beautiful writing and your use of words. However, despite the 'hotness' at times, it is still tinged with such sadness; deep down, I know this is not going to end well for either of them & I'd rather not think about that yet. I'm sure that's how they both feel too. :-)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks, sevvy. My creative methods have changed throughout this story, and it's good to know my writing style is evolving too. Yes, I suppose we all know this relationship is going nowhere, so I hope you can enjoy the moments for what they are, knowing they won't stay that way forever. I suspect the characters' feelings are actually quite complex, and there will be a fair amount of denial going on too. Thanks for your lovely review.

star_girl 2010.03.06 - 06:54AM 5: For Auld Lang Syne Signed
Yeah, sure, Severus. Keep telling yourself you are "merely having a mutually-beneficial carnal relationship" with Tonks. Both of them are starting to develop stronger feelings than that, I am positive of it.

Author's Response: I think Severus is trying to convince himself of *lots* of things at the moment!

star_girl 2010.03.06 - 06:52AM 4: Secret Eden Signed
I always thought Severus was a man to show his feelings with actions rather than words, and what he did for Tonks was really rather sweet. And what Tonks did for severus was... hot! *fans herself*

Author's Response: I agree Severus would show his feelings through actions rather than words. However, his actions here could also be considered inherently self-serving. There are quite a few layers in this chapter, especially with Tonks. Thanks for reviewing!

morgaine_dulac 2010.03.04 - 04:49PM 5: For Auld Lang Syne Signed
The way you drive your readers from giggles to panting is amazing! :P

Author's Response: Giggles and panting all in one chapter? How did I manage that, I wonder? :)

saraband16 2010.03.04 - 03:03PM 5: For Auld Lang Syne Signed
Well, wherever this story is going I intend to read it through no matter what. Your characterization is just wonderful and I really look forward to each new installment!

Author's Response: Thank you, saraband16, and I hope to be able to update soon!

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