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Reviews for What the Lonely Know

LChaim 2010.05.05 - 08:45PM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
This story was wonderfully written...you could just *feel* the loneliness and angst so these surprisingly paired characters. Everything was very in character and just a pleasure to read! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Author's Response: Thank *you* for reading and reviewing, you've made my day! I'm delighted that you felt Snape and Tonks were in character, despite the pairing being unusual. Loneliness was the one thing they had in common, and I'm glad you could sense this in the writing.

funny music 2010.04.30 - 08:44PM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
It has really been a pleasure! :)

Author's Response: Thank you. It's always a pleasure to hear from a new reviewer!

lie 2010.04.29 - 03:55PM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
Wondefull, I have really enjoyed this story, and I never really liked Tonks much in cannon. Thanks for sharing it.

Author's Response: In that case, I am honoured that you gave this story a chance. Thanks for reviewing!

sevvy 2010.04.29 - 02:29PM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
What a lovely change to read a fic that is so different whilst so cleverly interweaving canon events. I really like that you left it to the last to show it from Tonks' POV with the notes from her journal; it was a great way of bringing it all together. And having Tonks explain her affair with Snape to Lupin (& thus making that scene of him leaving her in canon totally fit in) was just inspired! Well done for this & thanks so much for sharing :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, sevvy, lovely to hear from you as always. I'm pleased you liked the way I put the pieces of the jigsaw together and linked the story to canon. Perhaps one day I'll write something outside of canon which isn't quite so bittersweet!

saraband16 2010.04.29 - 09:49AM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
No need to tell you how I feel...this final installment has me in tears! But it was lovely at the same time so thank you for sharing it with us...I think I'll go watch HBP now. *sobs*

Author's Response: Although the story made you feel like crying, I'm still pleased you've had an emotional response to the writing. I wouldn't recommend the HBP film as an antidote, though! They changed too much of Tonks' storyline for my liking. Thanks so much for your support and your reviews.

star_girl 2010.04.29 - 09:46AM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
What a bitter-sweet ending. I like the way you set it up that if Snape *had* returned, Nyphadora would have given him a second chance. I know you like Lupin, but this story really emphasises his cowardliness for me. Snape seemed very torn durimng their last coupling. Maybe he knew it would be the last time he ever had sex with anyone? This was a fitting end to a tragic "love story that never was" and once again your way of weaving in canon is as skillful as ever.

Author's Response: Thank you, star_girl, for your kind words and loyal support. When I wrote chapter ten, Lupin's cowardice reared its head for me too, and when I looked back at his behaviour in the Marauder days, it seems it has always been one of his character traits. And yet he *can* still be brave. He just doesn't respond well to peer pressure, I suppose. Yes, I think Nymphadora would, at the very least, have heard Severus out. Not that he would ever return, of course!

morgaine_dulac 2010.04.29 - 12:34AM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
Thank you for a story that had just about everything and an ending that wrapped it up perfectly.

Author's Response: I can't ask for higher praise than this! Thank you, Ms Dulac :)

a1severuslives 2010.04.28 - 11:02PM 10: From the Journal of Nymphadora Tonks Signed
Though the ending was aforetold, the presentation was...?sublime! The way you have put Tonks and Lupin together is very, very well done. Canon seems forced with this couple.

Author's Response: Thank you very much indeed :) I know what you mean about Tonks and Lupin seeming a bit forced in canon, and it might be because the story is presented from Harry's POV, and he's pretty clueless (as are many a teenaged boy). I'm glad you enjoyed my take. Thanks for your review.

saraband16 2010.04.23 - 09:02PM 9: Silently Screaming Signed
This was such a bittersweet installment but I can't say I didn't see it coming. You are truly a gifted writer...I feel so for Snape!! I was weeping over this chapter. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you for your generous comments. I'm honoured that you had such an emotional response :)

star_girl 2010.04.23 - 04:12PM 9: Silently Screaming Signed
This was, without doubt, the best chapter yet, and contained some really perceptive writing. For example, "Salvation lay in his hands alone." Yes, he made the mistake, only he can correct it. And your description of him shutting down and locking Tonks out from her wanting more intimacy was spot-on. I think another reason for him not wanting to open up and get emotionally closer to Tonks is because it would make his role more perilous and he couldn't jeopardise the Dark Lord finding out. At the moment, his Occlumency is like a shield of steel, and by opening himself up to another he risks damaging that shield. Another piece that I thought was inspired was: "She appeared enthralled by the black imprint on his skin, and suddenly Snape realised her fascination with him mirrored her attraction to the werewolf; Lupin was damaged too. Tonks loved Lupin despite his lycanthropy, so perhaps she was captivated by men she yearned to fix, men whom she perceived to be broken." But I think she is also drawn to the sense of danger. Tonks is an Auror and that is a dangerous job. I think thrill-seeking might come into it too. All in all, a wonderful job and it's heart-breaking to watch this relationship in it's inevitable death throes. I am anxious to see how you conclude it.

Author's Response: Yes, Snape's Occlumency is a shield of steel, and one which he hides behind, terrified of letting anyone in. The very thing which has kept him alive is the very thing which keeps him dead inside. I would agree about Tonks' thrill-seeking behaviour, too. I couldn't help but notice the number of Snape fans who also adore Lupin (me included) and I often ponder over the reason why. Thanks for your wonderful review. Hopefully the final chapter will be posted soon.

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