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Reviews for The Innocence of Snow

The Casual Observer 2010.11.07 - 10:09PM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
I have to tell you that this made me actually shed a tear or two. I felt so bad for him. When we get to see scenes like this it's so clear that he is not an evil or cruel person like so many believed. The scene when he was a child, that was very moving. You, dear lady, have such an incredibile talent for writing. I am EXTREMELY picky about what I will read both in literature and fanfiction and I must say that this is some of the best I have seen. I can not wait to start another one of your stories tomorrow.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm delighted to see that this small tale is still being discovered, read, and found worthy of comment. I welcome you to join me on my journey of discovery, with a most tempramental muse as our guide.

LChaim 2010.01.04 - 09:40PM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
This was pure poetry and a pleasure to read. The imagery was so vivid that I could easily imagine each scene. If only the last part could have happened! lol Excellent little snippet here and I will be sure to pass on how wonderfl it is to Gallant and Stefunny!

Author's Response: Thank you !! I'm happy to know that even after the hols, there are readers still finding and enjoying Severus' "winter's tale". In my AU, he survives and eventually does throw that snowball !! And just to share the news, Chapter 8 of "Name" is with my darlin' beta as we speak !!

Rose of the West 2009.12.21 - 01:22AM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
I think you completely nailed that feeling of looking out at a snowy yard or field and thinking that the world is a blank slate. I'm glad that even Severus experiences that... at least until the first snowball is thrown. Even then, it might not start a battle, depending upon how it's done.

Author's Response: I still hold hope he might someday throw that snowball, not so much with a sense of battle, but with a sense of renewal and the quiet contentment to be found in small things. Thank you so much for the lovely review! Happy Christmas!

Gaelwitch 2009.12.20 - 11:52PM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
Lovely and bittersweet. You always make my heart ache for Severus. Beautifully done. Now, more 'In His Name'? Pretty Please?

Author's Response: Ah, I'm so pleased you enjoyed my "winter's tale". I had wanted to gift Severus with his own Solstice tale but nothing too intense, wanted a tiny touch of humor and pathos for him. As for IHN, fear not !!! I'm working on Chapter 8 even now, and am hopeful of some undisturbed days in which to write during the holidays.

Snapesbeatrice 2009.12.19 - 11:52PM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
As usual, your writing is magical, and you have a wonderful grasp of the characters. Your descriptions of the poverty in which Snape grew up ring so true, according to the many stories I've heard from relatives about the Great Depression. Having a roof over one's head and *something* to eat (even if not particularly nutritious) was the most to be hoped for. Thank you. This was a nice Christmas gift to your readers.

Author's Response: My pleasure! Happy Christmas and a Blessed Solstice to you and yours!

Trickie Woo 2009.12.19 - 02:35PM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
I'm glad the online snowball fight inspired you. I hope he did let his guard down and throw it and let himself have a little bit of fun. Maybe Luna crept up behind him and let a snowball loose at him and got a battle started. I think he would accept that from her. Have I ever sent you the Calvin's Snowmen collection? I'll do that now. I can kind of see Snape building these to illustrate his DADA class and either Albus & Minerva, or Lucius and Narcissa making the Mom & Dad comments.

Author's Response: See what you started??? It was fun to write a little seasonal tale for Severus - I'd been wanting to, and your email set me off !! Loved the Calvin & Hobbs by the way, and you're quite right about the DADA classes !!!

morgaine_dulac 2009.12.19 - 08:08AM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
That was a very lovely piece. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Author's Response: My pleasure !! Happy Christmas and a very Blessed Solstice to you and yours !

linda0506 2009.12.19 - 07:46AM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
You write lovely prose.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I wanted to gift everyone with a small snapshot of Severus in winter, but nothing TOO angsty !!

star_girl 2009.12.19 - 05:53AM 1: The Innocence of Snow Signed
That was incredibly beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. Very skillfully written. It makes it all the more poignant as we have snow on the ground in England at the moment. Thank you once again.

Author's Response: Thank you so much !! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Happy Christmas and a most Blessed Solstice !!

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