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Reviews for That's What She Said

Trickie Woo 2010.01.04 - 01:17AM 1: Chapter One Signed
I like this one too, it's dark fluff, but it's funny dark fluff. I agree with Rose of the West, the Headmaster Snape/portrait Dumbledore must have been difficult.

Author's Response: i try to go for at least *something* funny in everything i write--life isn't totally serious, so why should even dark fluff be? :) thanks for the review!

LadySeverus 2009.12.09 - 09:25PM 1: Chapter One Signed
Instead of the turps, Sev should've just let him watch the movie Memento...that would've kept DD occupied for a loong time!

Author's Response: ehh, i'm still partial to portrait death. just sayin'. thanks for the review :)

Rose of the West 2009.12.07 - 12:22AM 1: Chapter One Signed
That's pretty funny. I can imagine that more than one Headmaster has wanted to take turpentine to his predecessors. The combination of portrait Dumbledore and Headmaster Snape must have been particularly difficult.

Author's Response: Agreed! :) Thanks for the review :)

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