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Reviews for Bliss of Another Kind

SataiDelenn 2011.09.27 - 01:49AM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
This story tore at my soul. I have never read ths before, but I am very glad that I did. So much feeling went into this, and while I felt bad for the girl, I felt worse for Severus. I suspected he was seeing Lily when he looked at this girl, but you left me in doubt until the end. I half-wondered if his sadness and regret was merely at allowing her to get that close, and knowing he had to break her heart. Very well done!

Author's Response: Your interpretations are most insightful... and it is, of course, up to the reader to decide what went on for Severus during this encounter. Soul tearing aside, I'm glad you had an emotional response to my writing. Thank you for reviewing.

Alatariel 2010.12.10 - 01:52AM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
I love this one, it’s my third reading of it, and so I had better leave you a review this time! So far it’s my second favorite by you, (though I am not done with all your stories yet). *Whew* Your porn is hot!! I love the dance scene… That video ‘In Demand’ with Mr. Rickman dancing kept popping up in my head! I love picturing Severus giving dance lessons to the Slytherins. He can dance with this Slytherin anytime. *wink* Great song choice, I heard it in my head as I read. I love the end, so heartbreaking, but I hope she was able to provide him with some comfort.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much, Alatariel! *blushes* Yep, the 'In Demand' video helped inspire this story, but the writing only really came together when I discovered 'Bliss of Another Kind' as the song to which they danced. Then it all fell into place very quickly. Thanks for reviewing!

Herbologist 2010.03.20 - 07:08PM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
This story is bliss!. Still love it, reading it for a second time. The scene in the dungeon with the roaring fire is so atmospheric. You also got Snape absolutely spot on.

Author's Response: I'm pleased you enjoyed reading this on your second time around, and after the rewrite! Thanks for leaving another review - you made my day :)

LadySeverus 2009.12.10 - 07:32PM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
Yep. Bittersweet, very bittersweet. I loved the imagery you used of the fire blazing, fire glowing and fire eventually turning to embers. Perfectly embodied their one night. How 'bout that dancing scene eh? Forget Dancing with the Stars, I like Dancing with the Snape much better! Glad I finally got to reading this. I know you posted it over on ff but I seem to get to things faster here. Prolly b/c my friend has been writing for the Twi25 contest over there and if I do not review her stuff IMMEDIATELY, then I'm in bother as she lives near me and can do me physical harm! Love your stories (as you know!).

Author's Response: Thanks for your lovely review. A Christmas Day dance with Snape would be top of my wishlist for Santa - and I've been such a good girl this year ;-) I'm glad you like my brand of bittersweet fiction; I find it's the only way to keep things canon-compliant. Feedback means a lot to me - cheers for taking time to review.

sevvy 2009.12.08 - 09:36AM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
I've just realised that you've posted this here, so it gives me opportunity to review which I hadn't done before (*slaps wrist in shame*!) I really love this fic - bittersweet and hot at the same time (my favourite combination!)And, even better, involving a dance with the man himself (classic 'swooning' guaranteed at that!) Your Snape is spot-on IMHO. Well done - loved it! :-)

Author's Response: My beta-readers tell me that 'bittersweet' is my 'thing'. They're right. I'm glad you thought Snape was spot-on; I try hard to keep him canon-compliant. Thank you for reviewing... eventually :-)

morgaine_dulac 2009.12.08 - 04:33AM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
Beautiful and yet so sad, for both the witch and Snape. I hope that she realises later that she has at least given him some precious moments which he would not have allowed many people to give him.

Author's Response: Perhaps, but later. Much later. Thanks for your review!

Elaine Lahey 2009.12.07 - 08:01PM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
I really like your work. I think this is very close to how canon Snape would behave if offered a night with a woman who just wasn't Lily. How bittersweet. Please keep on writing.

Author's Response: Thank you - there is no higher compliment than this! I'm still writing. A little something should appear in the New Year...

star_girl 2009.12.07 - 02:19PM 1: Bliss of Another Kind Signed
I really like the way you write Snape - tortured, snarky, yet elegant and measured. We know he moves with the grace of a panther, I don't think it would be too difficult to believe the man is a devil on the dancefloor. Certainly, he must have attended parties at Malfoy Manor enough in the past to hone those skills for social occassions. I feel sad for the unnamed witch's loss, but I hope she knows she was able to provide him with some precious minutes of comfort and abandon whilst he was still alive. Well done!

Author's Response: It probably won't surprise you to know that the video of 'In Demand' by Texas had something to do with the inspiration for this fanfic! When I read the Spinner's End chapter in HBP, Snape came across as rather suave, IMO. I benefitted from not seeing him through Harry's blinkers, like I always had done, up until that point. Thanks for reviewing - I'm glad you like my Snape :-)

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