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Reviews for The Sexual Initiation of Severus Snape

Bonocusack 2008.08.06 - 12:12PM 7: The Denouement Signed
Very very true to character, I could just see him. Well done.

december 2007.10.26 - 03:10PM 1: A Pale Youth Appears at the Door Signed
I don't know why I never added a review to this story, because it's always been one of my favorites. Beatifully done --- funny, touching, sexy. Your take on Snape as an akward young man determined to get laid seems absolutely spot on. He WOULD treat it like some sort of complicated skill he needed to master. Congratulations on a terrific story!

darkmark111 2007.05.20 - 11:26PM 7: The Denouement Signed
fabulous. :)

Larentia 2006.08.28 - 07:38PM 7: The Denouement Signed
Wonderful read...You have earned a fan.

revolsepans 2006.02.22 - 06:29PM 7: The Denouement Signed
I've read this story MANY times and it never fails to please (just like severus). Wonderful story! I enjoy all of your work.

beautiful disgrace 2005.11.18 - 02:46AM 7: The Denouement Signed
another wonderful story!

Ravenwood 2005.11.06 - 07:11AM 7: The Denouement Signed
Nice one. The first fan fic i read was one of yours, that lengthy masterpiece that couples this deft interlude. I enjoyed the first person perspective which was handled unusually well for a fan fic piece, i have read many that havn't been anywhere near as cohesive. I only wonder about the beginning - Snape first appears so soft yet so quickly transforms. While i was able to accept this in the context of the rest of the fic, i found it conceptually awkward to fathom this 'initiation' as it were. The word invokes the liminality of ritual process, a change and a becomming which does not seem to add up to Snapes already commanding nature expressed here. Otherwise, exquisitely growwl worthly ;) I think i need another cold shower.

Maria 2005.11.06 - 01:17AM 7: The Denouement Signed
I just discovered this story and have just finished reading it in one sitting. Wow! The dialogue was brilliant and he was so in canon. In fanon, of course I see Snape as a sex god, but in canon, I think he's more like a monk - I wouldn't be surprised if he wears a hair shirt under those robes as penance. But your story has made me rethink that idea - yes, knowledge IS power and I bet that's exactly why he's such a superb Legilimens and Occlumens. Again, wow.

villarosso 2005.08.22 - 06:06PM 7: The Denouement Signed
There should be a rating higher than a ten for this story. The boy/man Severus is very in character with Snape from JKR's books. The encounter with the adult Severus is the icing on the cake. Very very sexy.

Jonquillejaune 2005.01.18 - 03:34PM 7: The Denouement Signed

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