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Reviews for Argilah and Smoke Rings

kittyperry 2009.12.13 - 12:46PM 1: Chapter One Signed
I loved this - its beautifully written.

Author's Response: thank you very much, kitty! :)

LadySeverus 2009.11.09 - 09:19PM 1: Chapter One Signed
That was great to read about him smoking the argilah. BTW, I've never heard them called that before. My friend from New Zealand and I bought one while we were over in the Middle East back in the early 90's. We carried it back to the UK in our backpacks and got it all the way back safe and sound...until we got back to my mum's house. We were excitedly unpacking it to show everyone and CRASH! Josh (my friend) dropped it on the tiled kitchen floor! So we never got to use it. Such a shame and it was a beautiful blue glass one and we haggled for ages for it too. Thanks for reminding me of that funny memory with your story.

Author's Response: aww, that totally sucks. my first base was destroyed by someone who didn't know how to carry the entire apparatus properly, so i feel your pain. the website i put at the end of my story sells bases separately, so if you still have the rest of it, you can totally get a base!

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