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Reviews for A Hogwarts Carol

Rose of the West 2009.11.05 - 02:02PM 2: STAVE I: Albus Dumbledore's Ghost Signed
Three things really struck me. The first was the chain. It is a moving mental picture in the Dickens and it is here, too. The results of our wrongdoing bind us in horrible ways, no matter what we think we may get out of it. The second was the image of the abandoned post. That final choice _was_ as much one to abandon the situation as to help it. The last was that after he was rebuffed he should have looked further. Good point.

Author's Response: It's what we're taught all our lives, that we have to prioritize and keep things in perspective. Snape's focus was too narrow, and he has to be shown why that's not good.

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