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Reviews for Flying With The Raven

Veritas51 2013.06.20 - 08:39PM 18: Nineteen Years Later Signed
Yes, I did like it! So many fewer people write for Occlumency than Ashwinder that it's hard to tell from the number of reviews where the good stories are. So I'm adding my two cents! I especially liked the horses that can fly -- and the new explanation for Severus' flying ability.

mkwiant 2012.10.14 - 12:44PM 18: Nineteen Years Later Signed
THank you for a lovely story. I have dearly enjoyed it. Samara was such a fun character, and it is always a pleasure to see Severus get a happy ending... even if they didn't pardon him. Thank you for writing, and thank you for finishing your story!

loreen77 2012.08.10 - 11:34PM 18: Nineteen Years Later Signed
Nice job. I really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful journey.

loreen77 2012.08.10 - 10:39PM 17: A Brighter Future Signed
A birth of a foal, yeah!

loreen77 2012.08.10 - 09:56PM 16: Freedom Signed
Great job, well done. poor godric, very sad.

loreen77 2012.08.10 - 08:44PM 15: The Power Of Love Signed
Lol, love that she tricked him.

loreen77 2012.08.10 - 06:14PM 14: Shadows over Hogwarts Signed
Another great chapter, glad she completed the potion, chocolate....loved it!

loreen77 2012.08.08 - 11:17PM 13: Behind the Mask Signed
Omg, that was so funny, severus polyjuiced as the pompous bag of hot air gilderoy...perfect.

loreen77 2012.08.08 - 07:42AM 12: Light and Shadow Signed
The dream was too realistic, you had me tricked for a moment. Is the vial liquid luck?

loreen77 2012.08.07 - 08:31PM 11: Truth Revealed Signed
Nice job. Glad they talked.

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