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Reviews for To Dance by the Light of the Moon

Trickie Woo 2009.12.03 - 01:05PM 12: Chapter Twelve Signed
I totally agree with arcticvixen when she says "The only shame in the whole story is that such a lovely piece has to labelled as "Fluff"! If they label this fluff, then why can't the overly melodramatic and angst filled stories be labeled 'darkly depressing'? Some of them could even be labeled 'mind numbing'. To be able to make people laugh out loud when they read your writing and be romatically satisfied is a remarkable gift and you have it in spades, just as Jane Austen did and Helen Fielding does now. This isn't fluff, it's high romantic comedy. If it were made into a movie my dream cast would be Cary Grant as Snape and a very young Goldie hawn as Luna. I love Alan Rickman and his Snape, but this Snape is the kind of character that Cary delveloped and defined in movies like 'The Awful Truth', 'Bringing Up Baby', and 'Operation Petticoat'. I loved him as the romantic hero, but I absolutely worshipped him in his comedies, he made bumbling into a art form and could snarl and be sarcastic with the best, but everyone still loved him. He even wore a Snape like wig made from a horse's tail in 'I Was a male War Bride'. I adore Gracie Allen and she would have been good too, but she was Cary Grant's age. Goldie in her lovable Laugh In days would be a perfect foil for Cary, as Luna and Snape.

Author's Response: Thanks, Trickie Woo. To be fair, I was the one who labelled it 'Fluff', but then again, I was the one who intended to finish it in 5 or 6 short chapters. "The best laid schemes of mice and men (and women too) gang aft agley", as they say in my part of the world. As to your 'casting', I rather like the young Goldie Hawn as Luna, but I think I'll stick with Alan Rickman for Snape. Thanks again. Scaranda

arcticvixen 2009.12.03 - 11:20AM 12: Chapter Twelve Signed
I've loved it all, and I just know I'll be reading it again soon. I have to admit i shed a little tear with Minerva, and I thought it was perfect that that part of the story came from a third party perspective, and the personal contact between Snape and Luna wasn't laboured in any way. I think that's something that has so charmed about this, the fact that there have been no unlikely declarations, no smouldering glances, nothing that you wouldn't expcet from either Severus or Luna. Just great. The only shame in the whole story is that such a lovely piece has to labelled as "Fluff"! Thanks so much for writing this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Vixen, for all your comments thoughout. I just don't see Snape as being the vocally demonstrative person he's sometimes portrayed as, and I didn't want to have him viewed as such. I'm so glad you enjoyed it; I know I enjoyed writing it. Thanks again. Scar

arcticvixen 2009.12.03 - 11:03AM 11: Chapter Eleven Signed
I felt like slapping the golden trio, but Luna and Minerva did as good a job I suppose. At least Severus has recognised his feelings, and what I like most about ths is that-- as one of your other reviewers pointed out-- there's nothing soppy or slushy about either Severus or Luna, a thing that turns me off a lot of stories. Off to read what I'm sad to see is the last chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah, I must admit I enjoy giving them a good slap on the chops every now and again. Hope you enjoy the rest. Scar

arcticvixen 2009.12.03 - 10:55AM 10: Chapter Ten Signed
Lovely chapter clearing the air a little. I loved the unconscious possessiveness of Severus standing up before he rippped Hermione's arm off for daring to touch Luna.

Author's Response: Thanks, Vixen. I think he's just beginning to view himslef as having some sort of rights, even they're just protective ones. Thanks for commenting. Hope you enjoy the rest. Scaranda

Rose of the West 2009.12.03 - 01:21AM 12: Chapter Twelve Signed
Oh, my! In the US, she would be arrested for um, packaging such _fragile_ cargo that way. It suits Luna's way of doing things, though. Perhaps Snape wasn't planning on it, but I think he'll learn to embrace it. Someone has to care for those specimens while she's wandering around on her research. Minerva redeemed herself by staying out of it once she saw that what she did wasn't making much of a difference. Lovely.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Rose, both for your comment, and for all the support you've given me throughout. It's very much appreciated. As to the box of straw, well, she came in with one, and she's still got one, so it kind of fitted, and after all, the Andes aren't that far away when you're Apparating, are they? Thanks so much again. Scar

Trickie Woo 2009.12.02 - 09:54PM 12: Chapter Twelve Signed
I loved this story and I will miss it, I've been anxiously awaitinging this chapter since you posted the previous one. I hope you have more Snape/Luna up your sleeve. I loved the very in character way you portrayed both Snape and Luna and all the laughs you gave me. I must give you special commendation for the way you portrayed Harry and Hermione. Harry did get to be a pain in canon as he got older and Hermione ties with Sirius as my least favorite character, so I love the sacriligious way (to the die hard HG fans, frankly I don't see the appeal, she's supremely annoying) you handled her. I hope Ron got something better out of life, this Harry and Hermione deserved each other. I hope Ginny and Lupin have a happy ending too.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Trickie Woo, for all the support you've given me the whole way through. I shall rather miss this one myself. I had hoped to do a Christmas one, and had it mapped out, but I doubt I'll have time with my other commitments. I'm sure Ginny and Lupin had a happy ending, and I'm sure Ron will at least be happier on his own. Thanks so much again. Scaranda

steelyblue 2009.12.02 - 07:49PM 12: Chapter Twelve Signed
That was a delight from the first word to the last. It was romantic without a single hint of slush, and very funny, and Snape and Luna so perfectly in character and still dovetailing so neatly together. And I loved the idea that Severus became a little eccentric, and laughed out loud at Luna's digs at Hermione's fancy dress wig. Perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading along and for commenting, Steel. I know your preference is for slash, so I value your comments all the more for enjoying this. Scar

Stella Stargazer 2009.11.23 - 10:39AM 11: Chapter Eleven Signed
Well, this chapter turned out to the the perfect antidote to a gloomy, boring Monday morning. I even laughed out loud. Loved hearing what everyone is wearing to the Ball. Now, will Severus go, and if so, just what will he wear? Delicious speculation abounds.

Author's Response: Thanks for that, Stella. Hope the last chapter doesn't disappoint. Thanks again. Scaranda

Titaniafey 2009.11.21 - 04:07PM 11: Chapter Eleven Signed
I loved the way Minerva and Luna slapped down the golden trio and Severus just sat back and enjoyed. When Harry addresed Severus as "Snape" and Luna corrected him to Professor Snape and then said he could call her Luna---that was classic Luna. I notice though that you've let us see inside Snape's head, and Minerva's and even a little of Lupin's, but we haven't had a peek of Luna's yet. So enjoying this.

Author's Response: Peek inside Luna's head? Oh, no, I didn't want to scare anyone too much. I don't think Minerva would be at all impressed by the show of bad manners and the superioty complexes she was presented with from the three. Apart from that, I don't think she wanted blood on the walls if Severus took matters into his own hands. Thanks so much, once again. Scaranda

Titaniafey 2009.11.21 - 03:54PM 10: Chapter Ten Signed
I was left with the feeling that Ginny is a much beter friend for Luna than any of the other three, and not at all surprised that Snape had taken a "shine" to her. Loved Luna's idea of giving everyone a Niffler for Christmas so they could steal their presents.

Author's Response: Thanks. Titaniafey. I think Ginny would be much nicer friend: non-judgemental, kind, and all the right things friends should be. Mind you, there is no such thing as a good friend in my book, you're either a friend or you're not. Thanks so much, as always. Scaranda

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