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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

roni0811 2015.07.10 - 01:37AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
maybe severus will chose to live! i can hope, but you tied the story up beautiful how severus has overcome the loss of lily to fall in love wit tessa!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, roni0811. Helping Severus through his grief was the ultimate aim of my story; romance with Tess was incidental. I'm glad you enjoyed reading and have a happy end in mind for Severus and Tess.

Alatariel 2010.11.09 - 04:50PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I know it's been a while since this story was completed, but I wanted to leave you a review anyways. I stumbled across this story looking for a canon-compliant Severus POV of DH. Even though I HATE what happens to Severus in the end, (I skip over it when I read DH, in my world, he's still very much alive) I had hoped to find a story that gave him peace. I am so happy that I found this fic, you were able to give him the love, forgiveness and peace that he so very much deserves, and in doing so, you gave me a sense of peace. I thank you for that. I loved your end for Severus much better then the one JKR gave him. This has been one of the best fanfics I've ever read, such an amazing story. I was moved to tears several times. The way you kept to canon, filling in little details, and weaving in your own story, made this a truly enjoyable read. You write very well! I love your character development, loved watching the relationship of Tess and Severus change and grow. I really like Contessa, she is a good match for Severus. And beloved Severus: I was so pleased to see him kept canon! I always knew that if Severus could let go of Lily and forgive himself, he would be able to love again. I loved how you did the end; it's sort of up to the reader to decide what Severus chooses isn't it? Thank you for writing this! I'm going to go look up your other stories. Cheers!

Author's Response: Alatariel, thank you so much for this tremendous review! Itís never too late to leave feedback, and Iím delighted that you took the time to leave your thoughts and feelings at the end of this journey. The sense of peace you gained from The Unconditional Vow is the same sense of peace I yearned for at the end of The Deathly Hallows. I could not rest and I could not grieve until I had processed Severusís story and given him a worthy ending. Keeping Severus as canon as possible was a challenge, and Iím glad you feel this was achieved. And yes, it is up to the reader to decide what Severus chooses. I have my own ideas which may end up in a sequel someday! I send my deepest gratitude to you for sharing your heartfelt experience of my story :)

blyy 2010.01.06 - 12:37PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful story! It's been a very enjoyable read, so very beautifully written. I would love to see a sequel for this, are you planning to write one?

Author's Response: Possibly. I'll never say 'never'. At the moment I'm exploring Severus's history before Tess, and this may help me to prepare a sequel; I think of all my stories as compliant with canon, and also with each other. Thank you for your generous words, and I'm so pleased you've enjoyed reading :-)

johnbly341 2009.12.04 - 10:43PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
Ah, finally, a satisfying ending to lighten the sadness of canon. Thank you so much for your wonderful story. It was intelligently plotted and beautifully told throughout.

Author's Response: It's always nice to know that readers who have left reviews in the past have made it to the end of the story! I'm chuffed that you found the ending satisfying, and thanks so much for your kind words.

amalyn 2009.11.26 - 05:52PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
This was incredibly gorgeous. Long, and my problem is that I tend to not be able to put things down once I start - so a day and part of another I was glued to my screen. The last chapter - just such sad-happy-sad tears filling my eyes. Your writing is lush and wonderful, and the combination of hope and despair, of finding love only realized in the moment of death --- and then the possibility of perhaps being able to restore to life anew... Just incredibly beautiful, and well-written, and lovely. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Author's Response: Thank you for this incredible review! I'm elated that my writing compelled you to read the entire story in two sittings, and that your emotional response was so powerful. This review had me reaching for the tissues... in a good way! Thank you.

greenwood 2009.11.09 - 12:27AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
Oh man this is such a good ending. I can't wait to find out what his decision will be. Which every way the story goes it will be romantic. I can't wait to find out.

Author's Response: Thanks for your reviews, greenwood, and I'm glad you liked the ending. You're the one who gets to decide where they go from here...

LadySeverus 2009.11.07 - 04:51PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I've followed this story from start to finish and have loved seeing how the relationship between Tess and Severus played out. Think about how the story began when he first came to Squirrel's Leap to how they ended up and you can really see how their relationship has flourished and blossomed and how much Severus unfolded little by little. Knowing him as we do, this would not be something that would happen overnight! I actually agree with Dumbledore, I am not sure if he would ever love anyone again after Lily but I am certainly glad he did in your story and that you have him closure and the ability to finally forgive himself. You created a great character with Tess. I can totally imagine her being a part of canon, even down to her name of Contessa. I think this is also because you have obviously spent a great deal of time weaving your story carefully in with canon events. Bravo on that, it's not easy. As for the ending, it was in not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I love how you used the rings and kept them as a theme throughout. It was very clever of you to use his ring as a way for Tess to see him again in his version of "King's Cross." I like the ending, it keeps us all wondering and forming our theories about what his choice will be. As this is Snape, it's very fitting for him to keep us all guessing. Great story Agnus Castus. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you, dear Lady, for your reviews. I'm glad you felt Tess fitted in well with canon - I have to say that I loved the rhyme of 'Contessa' with 'Griselda'... it just seemed to fit. And Griselda had all the attributes that I wanted my younger OFC to have. You're right - it's not easy being canon-compliant - but it's certainly given me something to think about when stuck at red traffic lights on my way to work! I used the canon events as a scaffold for my story, so that they didn't get in the way, and tried to progress my characters in line with the events. A bit like ivy growing up a trellis. Sometimes I hated the trellis, and sometimes I was comforted by its existence. I'm genuinely over the moon that you liked the ending - I think the reader earned it!

FairyGlen 2009.11.07 - 10:18AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
My faith in the Tigerís Eye Rings certainly wasnít misplaced and was rewarded with this beautiful ending. I have read the closing chapters over and over and, although my emotions ran high and tears were shed, I have to admit you made it far less painful than I imagined the inevitable end would be. I agree with the reviewer who says the AntiHorcrux idea was wonderful. I say it was Ďinspired!í - paving a way to leave us contemplating their futures. Thank you so much for your fantastic canon-compliant story.

Author's Response: And thank you for your faith! I sense how hard it was for the reader as they approached the ending, and how much easier it would have been to duck out at the last minute. High emotions and tears tell me I did my job well, and I'm thrilled you liked the anti-Horcrux idea. Thank you for reading and for seeing it through to the bitter(sweet) end!

aurora borealis 2009.11.05 - 05:00PM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
I don't visit Occlumency very often, so missed seeing this story before now. The final chapter title (with it's nod to Babylon 5??) intrigued me, so I've spent the last two days reading, and WOW! I am so glad I found this! What you have done is quite impressive. You have stayed canon-compliant, but have given us an exquisite exploration of Snape's character that I didn't find in JKR's version. Tess is a great OC, and I am glad that Snape finally found acceptance, love, had a chance to grieve for Lily and their lost friendship, and could move beyond regret and the repression of his feelings. And you did this while maintaining his character - his temper, snideness, nastiness, etc., yet giving us glimpses of "the man who might have been" underneath the crusty exterior. I especially like that in this version, Dumbledore made plans to help Snape after the events on the Astronomy Tower, and gave him a connection to the Order of the Phoenix (something that was lacking in DH). Snape's POV and the unfolding events at Hogwarts certainly make for more interesting reading than the endless camping scenes we got in DH . . . . Really well done - Brava!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Iím flattered that youíve read it all in one chunk; you obviously have a sense of the sweeping story arc and the progression of the characters. Iím gratified you felt I maintained Snapeís character, which has been desperately tricky to achieve, given the amount of personal development he has undergone. Yes, the final chapter title is a nod to Babylon 5 (one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever) and there are at least three other references during the story. Hope to see you on Occlumency more often!

sevsbird 2009.11.04 - 03:10AM 70: Sleeping in Light Signed
Hello it's me again. I just wanted to add that I think I might have got something different from the ending than everyone else judging from the other reviews. He got a chance to live right? If he decides to that is. I really think he would choose to because he has grown and moved on from the man he was - all bitter and twisted and full of regrets and all that. Since he forgave hiomself and knows he is loved and feels love too for Tess - wouldn't he choose to live a life with her? I think he would.

Author's Response: Hello again! In answer to your first question, yes, Severus has a chance to live. Whether or not he *does* is for the reader to decide. It sounds like you have a gut feeling Ė your intuition is telling you something! Thanks for reviewing a second time.

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