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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

LadySeverus 2009.11.07 - 03:49PM 68: Love and Loss Signed
So Tess is left with nothing...but is she really? What is going on with those rings, that's what I want to know?

Author's Response: Do I hear a glimmer of hope...?

star_girl 2009.11.03 - 01:44PM 68: Love and Loss Signed
Poor Tess. She feels like she has lost everything. And we can well understand her outrage at Dumbledore.

Author's Response: Yep, Dumbledore certainly got it, didn't he? Was the absence of Snape's portrait down to him, though? I think not. But his meddling fingers have to take some responsibility!

makaem 2009.11.02 - 09:57PM 68: Love and Loss Signed
I don't know if this was your intent, but I really hate Dumbledore about now.

Author's Response: Someone had to bear the brunt of Tess's (and your) anger. Dumbledore was an easy choice. Perhaps, though, it wasn't *all* his fault...

Rose of the West 2009.11.02 - 04:41PM 68: Love and Loss Signed
I sense the last few paragraphs of this one are particularly important.

Author's Response: Did Luna lend you her Spectrespecs again?

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