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Reviews for L is for Love

duj 2015.08.02 - 12:02AM 1: One shot Signed
Sorry, I did suspect almost immediately, for who but Luna would approach in that way? Good job writing her... good job overall, in fact.

WhiteCotton 2009.11.05 - 06:34PM 1: One shot Signed
Very well done. I adore your Severus, who skitters along the far edge of canon, yet is so perfectly in character. The others, too, are just as delightful. I especially like Lucius and wonder whether I might borrow him. Just to teach him to curtail his more irritating habits, you understand, and keep him out of your and Severus' path. But, yes, a wonderful story and so beautifully told. I must remember to thank RaeWhit for the IJ rec.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, WhiteCotton. Whilst I appreciate your kind review, I would take this opportunity to request that you keep your hands to yourself where Lucius is concerned (Borrow him indeed, like a library book, or somesuch). Seriously, thanks so much for reading, and taking the time to drop me a line. Scaranda.

Trickie Woo 2009.11.03 - 06:36PM 1: One shot Signed
I certainly hope your fluffy bug doesn't pass. I'm sick of sad stories, angsty stories, abuse, rape and just darkness in general. I like the way you write, but I don't read slash. I have nothing against gay men, but I'm too straight and to into men to understand the appeal of gay stories to women. I do read light B&D and light spank het stories, and I'd like to see some where the woman is in charge of the sex, but not the usual dominatrix stuff; I'd like to see it as based on romance and enjoyment rather than control over another person. But I also have a side that wants to get all men out of the seats of power on the earth and replace them with women and punish the men with housework and community service, in other words make them into the house elves that too many men (especially the men in those seats of power) seem to think women are.

Author's Response: Thanks, Trickie Woo. By the way, I tried to respond to your kindly sending the link to the Grace Allen stuff, but it got bounced back. Anyway, thanks for that. Scaranda

linda0506 2009.10.31 - 06:33PM 1: One shot Signed
Ha ha, completely charming!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your comment. Glad you enjoyed it. Scaranda.

RaeWhit 2009.10.30 - 11:28PM 1: One shot Signed
I just love reading Snape as slightly obsessed, despite himself. Lucius was irritatingly in character, but the final reveal caught me by surprise, as well as realizing that you'd made it make perfect sense. Great job, and I've rec-ed you here, as well as on LJ (locked post).

Author's Response: I think he enjoys being obsessed actually; he probably thinks it adds to his general mystique. I had hoped that the lady's identity wouldn't be too obvious; I'm glad that seems to have been the case. As to Lucius, well, you just leave Lucius alone, if you don't mind. Many thanks for your comments. Scar

leading light 2009.10.30 - 12:07PM 1: One shot Signed
I love this. Severus thoughts and words drip with scorn of everone around him. Delicious-so Snape. This a lovely little story. Quite apt that he fell for the innocent opposite to himself, and not someone like Hermione, who would try to upstage him, or be as clever as he is. He'd never fall for that.

Author's Response: Oh, I agree on the Hermione bit, Leading light. Thanks so much for reading along and commenting, and as always, for your support. Scar

Titaniafey 2009.10.29 - 07:34PM 1: One shot Signed
That was great. I can't think what to add to what your other reviewers have said, except that there's hardly a pairing (apart from the unthinkable ones) that you can't seem to make work. Lovely. (And I loved the cameo role of the monkey the whole way through---it was very funny, and of course Lucius telling Snape about the apple-bobbing water, and the treacle scone and Bella--- perfect. It had me laughing out loud. Well done!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, Titaniafey. Glad you enjoyed it. It was quite a change to write, but I confess I enjoyed doing so. Thanks, as always, for your support. Scaranda

Rose of the West 2009.10.29 - 02:53PM 1: One shot Signed
It's completely enchanting and romantic! I love the way that the absurdities of the supposedly normal people at the party make a conclusion that might be considered absurd seem completely reasonable. I think that's what is so delicious about the pairing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, both for reading along, and for taking the time review. I always greatly value your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again. Scaranda

steelyblue 2009.10.29 - 02:06PM 1: One shot Signed
What a perfect balance you've created here, Scaranda. Wit and romance, all sorts of other bubbling emotions, all set against a Halloween backdrop, with Halloween and all the little customs dictating their fates. So nicely done, as usual.

Author's Response: Thanks, steelyblue. Glad you enjoyed.

pitwitch 2009.10.29 - 01:56PM 1: One shot Signed
Love it lots. Luna and Snape, what a pair. What an imagination. Apple peels and Samhain signial fires, great holiday treats all around!

Author's Response: Thanks, Pitt. Glad you enjoyed. I may well do something else in this vein before I shake off the 'fluff' bug I seem to have caught. Thanks again. Scar.

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