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Reviews for A Better Childhood

leffe 2009.09.17 - 12:39PM 13: Chapter 13 - The Greenhouse Signed
A really sweet story! You mentioned in the first chapter that this idea to de-age Severus wasn't new, but I have never seen a story about that before. I like the idea. Could you perhaps tell me the names of the other stories like yours so I can read them too? About your story: I would have imagined little Severus to cry less, make a greater effort to hide his feelings and lie a lot... But he would probably be very scared, just like you describe. I'll check for new chapters. Thank you for writing!

Author's Response: This story is already finished and even a sequel is already online, but not here because my beta who needs to edit my chapter to be accepted here needs more time. You can find this and all my other stories on fanfiction(dot)net. As for the other stories I shall tell you the names of, please contact me via email grugster78(at)yahoo(dot)de I will try to give you a list then, It would be too complicated to do it here. Sunny

Rose of the West 2009.09.09 - 09:52PM 13: Chapter 13 - The Greenhouse Signed
As always, it's an enchanting chapter. I can see that 'Arlie is getting to be Sev's "best friend." Minerva is going to have some competition!

Author's Response: Oh, I just realized your name now. Are you the same Rose of the West as the one of fanfiction(dot)net? Yes, I really like Charlie in this story. He is a great big brother. Next chapter is up now! Sunny

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