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Reviews for Incarnation

MollysSister 2010.09.24 - 11:29AM 1: Incarnation Signed
Goodness you have to get this baby posted over on Ashwinder! I enjoyed your take on recreational use of poly juice. Naturally the wealth could use the potion for social functions. Applauds Narcissa. Obsession is an apt word for Severusí feeling towards Miss Granger. I never thought about the idea that poly juice would reproduce everything that was occurring in the body at the time the sample was taken. Although now that I consider it, makes perfect sense. I do hope Miss Granger was in perfect health because Severus has lots of this schedule for the next three hours. Thank you for sharing this story !

enchantedviolin 2009.12.03 - 10:10PM 1: Incarnation Signed
Are you going to write about the actual act itself!!! Too short !!!

Scaranda 2009.10.25 - 10:40AM 1: Incarnation Signed
Very nice indeed. I knew it wouldn't be St Lily, but I confess to having been rather shocked (not something I usually am by any fics). Well done. Scar.

Author's Response: Thanks! I should probably post this story on Ash, but that would kinda give away the ending.

linda0506 2009.09.29 - 08:41PM 1: Incarnation Signed
Oh, this was such a clever idea, and very well executed!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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