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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

makaem 2009.09.14 - 10:54AM 59: Taste of Temptation Signed
This is wonderful.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Makaem.

greenwood 2009.09.13 - 06:14PM 59: Taste of Temptation Signed
It is so fun to come back to find three chapters you have not read yet! So what is Severus up to by taking some of that potion that is so "dangerous"? I can't believe that he is up to no good. I have to believe that he plans to use it for the light some how. I was so glad that the two of them are back together again. My biggest fear is that now he is in love, Now he has something to loose and something old Voldy can use against him should he find out about Tess. Dangerous times are ahead I fear.

Author's Response: Dangerous times, indeed... You must have an excellent memory for canon and/or have been taking Divination lessons! I'll leave you to ponder Severus's motives for retaining the potion... Thanks for your review!

Rose of the West 2009.09.09 - 08:00AM 59: Taste of Temptation Signed
Wait a minute, WHO got imperioed? That was really cute. Meanwhile, I think they should have kept their notes. A lot of things get discovered by only slightly adjusting something else. The proper formula might be just one ingredient off from this one.

Author's Response: I agree their actions were hasty; luckily Severus memorised the formulae before burning it. Thanks for reviewing.

sevvy 2009.09.09 - 04:40AM 59: Taste of Temptation Signed
You continue to be such a tease with these two; it's always 'will they, won't they'?! Yet I forgive you every time, such is the power and beauty of your writing! Still, the fact that Severus now seems to acknowledge, as well as recognise, how Tess makes him feel, can surely only be progress? (She says, hopefully ...!) I'm guessing that there are not many more chapters of this story left and I once again fear that time may be running out for both of them ... :-)

Author's Response: I think Severus made *huge* progress in this chapter; he is opening up and unfurling at last! I've always seen their journey as emotional rather than, shall we say, physical ;-) I'm glad you've found forgiveness for my teasing. You might want to replenish that bank in time for the next four chapters... But trust me, Sevvy. Trust me.

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