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Reviews for Up Against the Wall

funerealwaif 2010.11.08 - 09:19PM 1: Up Against the Wall Signed
Beautiful. The descriptions of Severus were perfect "black locks".. Ahhh

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

tangerine dream 2010.10.23 - 11:12AM 1: Up Against the Wall Signed
Very hot & erotic, but not a pairing I would normally like. But again if you keep writing like this I will have to seriously reconsider my position!!

Author's Response: I may write more of them; we shall see. But I enjoyed writing them very much, and I'm glad you enjoyed them too!

sevvy 2009.08.31 - 02:30PM 1: Up Against the Wall Signed
Seeing as morgaine has responded, I feel I should too now! Like her, I'm not keen on the SS/HG pairing but, having said that, I've read some really good fics with them in & review accordingly (to the writing, not the pairing in most cases!) It definitely is the age thing with MM/SS (MM is portrayed in canon as being so old) but, in this particular instance, I'm guessing both are a fair bit younger because you've gone back in time. If MM was in her 40s, say, & SS in his 20s I guess I could cope! (Especially as - dare I say it - I fall into MM's age category myself! Though chances of a tall, dark wizard like him coming my way are slimer than slim, unfortuately!!)

morgaine_dulac 2009.08.31 - 12:51PM 1: Up Against the Wall Signed
I just read your response to sevvy and need to respond :P HG/SS does not work at all for me! MM/SS on the other hand, I could get used to. I just need to get the picture of Minerva being an old maiden out of my head. Go on writing stuff like that and it might just happen :)

sevvy 2009.08.30 - 06:01PM 1: Up Against the Wall Signed
My dear friend and previous reviewer, morgaine_dulac, could not have put it better - my words exactly! That was amazingly hot, even if (being totally honest) that is not a pairing I particularly wish to dwell on normally ... ! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you. Now, I have a question--I've got the "not my fav pairing" response from a lot of HGSS fans. What is it about SSMM that is a turn-off? Is it the older woman/younger man aspect or just the characters?

morgaine_dulac 2009.08.30 - 05:04PM 1: Up Against the Wall Signed
WOW!! Not my favourite pairing but WOW!! Oh the dreams I am going to have!!

Author's Response: I shall make it a favorite pairing :p. Thank you!

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