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Reviews for The Unconditional Vow

FairyGlen 2009.08.31 - 05:43AM 58: The Great Lake Signed
What a fabulous chapter - worth waiting for! At last we are being allowed to have some hope of happiness for them both however shortlived it turns out to be. You've brightened up a dismal wet morning! Perhaps the sun might even make an appearance today!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! British summer weather notwithstanding, I'm glad you enjoyed the sunshine in this chapter.

sevvy 2009.08.30 - 01:29PM 58: The Great Lake Signed
"Do you trust me?" he asked. "I do," she replied ... "Always." Just love those lines!! I'm not quite sure how it was for Severus and Tess, but I reckon this chapter was like the fresh air of the bright, clear spring day they found waiting for them! As star_girl rightly says, there would be nothing else to do but swoon if offered the chance to fly with Severus like that (and I'm absolutely terrified of heights!) And I think that the note of hope this chapter finishes on bodes well for the future ... more like this, please! :-)

Author's Response: I notice you are a 'glass half full' reader. Good for you! I think you'll like the next chapter too. Thanks for your review.

star_girl 2009.08.30 - 04:43AM 58: The Great Lake Signed
That was lovely. Who doesn't feel a pang of envy at Tess getting to fly with Severus? *swoons*

Author's Response: Yes, she had her Lois Lane moment with Severus. Lucky, lucky girl!

Rose of the West 2009.08.29 - 08:54PM 58: The Great Lake Signed
That was sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you. I didn't know I had it in me!

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