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Reviews for Unspoken

hot_stuff11 2013.09.19 - 10:52PM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed

lackoffortune 2011.04.29 - 07:27PM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed
I tend to think that at rare occasions no more than one word is needed; in your case that word would have to be.. "Brilliant"

tangerine dream 2010.10.23 - 11:19AM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed
Very beautiful and bittersweet!

caledoniandream 2010.04.13 - 09:02AM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed
This was just lovely, and thank you for it. This is the way I would hope to write were I so gifted. Etheral, and dark, and touching could all describe this piece, I believe. You could go far, and I already look forward to more. Best wishes, and keep em' coming ;)

sevvy 2009.09.01 - 04:45PM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed
I thought this was extremely beautiful in its darkness. Exquisitely written with an amazing use of words (especially during their love making)and a lovely, poetic feel - difficult to do given the subject matter. I started to see Bellatrix in a completely different light. 'She never tells him he was her first'... and, quite clearly, she will never forget. Well done for this. I'd love to see more of your work. :-)

Rose of the West 2009.08.27 - 01:24AM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed
You've captured something of what the young Belatrix must have been like, before Azkaban, before she got so far into the Death Eaters. At some point, she must have been just a young woman with too much passion and no proper outlet who was being forced into a life with no choices.

Moira of the Mountain 2009.08.26 - 09:52PM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed
A song of a piece.... beautifully written, enigmatic and dark. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

star_girl 2009.08.26 - 05:00PM 1: Unspoken - One-shot - Complete Signed
Wow! Very different. Your use of similie and metaphor was lovely. I often like hate!sex when it comes to Bella and Severus and I thought this might end up the same. It's hard to belive Bella has any feelings beyond lust or, indeed, blood lust, but it's interesting to see her struggle between what she is attracted to against all that she has been brought up to believe is proper and worthy of her. Well done for creating comething unique.

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