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Reviews for One Day in the Park

BrownRecluse 2009.08.26 - 10:04AM 1: One Day in the Park Signed
50 House Points for originality in pairing choice! Loved the interaction between them, and could definitely see him doing something like this!

star_girl 2009.08.21 - 03:40PM 1: One Day in the Park Signed
This was refreshingly different, and like other reviewers said there are definitely some unseen interactions between Petunia and Severus - there must have been. Nice work!

morgaine_dulac 2009.08.21 - 09:57AM 1: One Day in the Park Signed
Very nice job. I was thinking about Snape/Petunia myself the other day, when I wrote my paper on Snape and wondered if they ever met again after Lily and Snape had stopped being friends. I very much like the scene you just showed us. Thanks for sharing. /M

jt09 2009.08.21 - 04:56AM 1: One Day in the Park Signed
I like your characterizing, esp. of Snape, and I agree that romance isn't something that would happen between him and Petunia. Nice start, keep it up :)

a1severuslives 2009.08.20 - 11:39PM 1: One Day in the Park Signed
This is a very credible situation. The one thing missing from Snape's memories is an interaction with Petunia, and this could well be it! Yes, a romantic interlude is not right, but something else definitely. Good job!

zeraldaviperia 2009.08.19 - 07:58PM 1: One Day in the Park Signed
Nice, very nice...

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