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Reviews for Quae Nocent Docent

pitwitch 2009.08.25 - 10:54PM 4: Chapter Four Signed
Yes, Sirius, get your bucket. And wipe that silly grin off your face. Loved this, but you knew that didn't you?

Author's Response: Thanks Pitt, for the gauntlet and for re-reading it. Scaranda. (and leave that Black boy alone, I've warned you before about that)

arcticvixen 2009.08.21 - 02:49PM 3: Chapter Three Signed
I love this ---- "Severus Snape needed to hurt for the pleasure of doing so; but more than that, he needed to hurt someone who wanted to be hurt for the pleasure it gave them," That was one scarily powerful image!!

Author's Response: Thanks for that, Vixen. Glad you liked it. Scaranda

arcticvixen 2009.08.21 - 02:47PM 2: Chapter Two Signed
Soemthing brooding deliciously in the background. I can never quite understand just how you seem to make this pairing work, but you always do.

Author's Response: I sometimes wonder if I got stuck in a time-warp with the Severus/Sirius thing. Glad you like it though. Thanks again. Scar

pitwitch 2009.08.11 - 11:15PM 1: Chapter One Signed
I so love this story. It is definitely one I read time and time again. Poor fastidious Snape and the foul Black. What a duo they make!

Author's Response: Thanks again, Pitt, for both the lure and for reading along. Scar.

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