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Reviews for Virgo

Katiev15 2009.09.01 - 03:56AM 5: Chapter Five Signed
Please do take them back to Transylvania! I'd love to see Severus/Charlie again, particularly in that context. Good job, as always.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Katie. I suspect that I shall take them back, just once I get Severus out of the current mess I've got him into. Thanks so much for your comment. Scaranda

steelyblue 2009.08.04 - 04:16PM 5: Chapter Five Signed
To lust after chastity... somehow apt. Lovely fic, but puleeeze explore this further like you suggested at the end. And the dragon was just perfect.I'd love to see you explore this Snape charlie pairing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for that. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Katiev15 2009.08.03 - 03:38AM 4: Chapter Four Signed
Love this. Love love love LOVE this. I'll admit, I don't understand your fascination with making Severus related to Lucius, but, whatevs, it's awesome. I absolutely adore Charlie in this fic, and the portrayal of Bill is just excellent. Please write more, like lots more? Something tells me I'm gonna love that little dragon, and btw, I found the timing very well handled. It felt like days had passed, when in reality only an hour had. A very nice touch, and reflective of their growing feelings for one another. I'm SO looking forward to this pairing. Nobody knows these characters as well as you - you can bash Sirius and laud him, and I believe it every time. Solid writing, as usual.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Katiev15, glad you're enjoying it. This is just a short fic, being a challenge response, however, I enjoyed writing Severus/Charlie, so I'm definately going down that road again (trying to free myself from the Sirius/Severus time-warp I seem to have lived in for the last 5 years). Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. Scaranda.

steelyblue 2009.07.31 - 12:06PM 3: Chapter Three Signed
I love the way you always give canon a little tweak, like Hagrid's dargon being glad to be away from him because he'd mistaken it for a boy and called it Norbert. Just love the egg, but I'm wondering what its up to.

Author's Response: Thanks, Steelyblue. Oh, the little dragon is keeping her eye on things, I suspect. Thanks for reading and reviewing. Scaranda

Stella Stargazer 2009.07.29 - 12:14PM 2: Chapter Two Signed
I'm enjoying this as usual with your work, Scaranda. I'm becoming especially fond of the little dragon egg, It has such an engaging personality for an egg.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Stella. As to the egg, well, she's got entirely too much to say for herself, for an egg!. Thanks, as always for your support. Scar

pitwitch 2009.07.26 - 01:16AM 1: Chapter One Signed
Oh, and did I add that I adored Snape seeing Charlie as almost genuflecting for the egg, as if it were in and of itself a deity? Priceless ... chaste accolytes of Virgo dragons ... wherever can this be leading, lol.

Author's Response: Yes, I laughed when I wrote it, I think thinking about something you and I had once discussed! Scar

pitwitch 2009.07.26 - 01:14AM 1: Chapter One Signed
You know I just loved that the egg was trying to talk to Severus and waited until he was all nice and settled before she would know to him. This was an amazing addition for the Lust and Chastity categry. And so very nicely completed the set! Thanks so much.

Author's Response: Thanks to you, Pitt, for the challenge! You know me and a gauntlet... just can't leave them lying for a moment. Glad you enjoyed. Scar

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